Photos: IDF Alpine Soldiers Train in Winter


The IDF Alpine Unit is stationed on Mt. Hermon on the Syrian-Lebanon border. With winds blowing at 70 km/h, the fighters went out on patrol wearing white snow suites, skis strapped to their feet and carrying heavy equipment on their backs, Ynet News reports. The unit consists of reserve soldiers who, during their active duty, served in elite infantry units. Over the summer, regular infantry units patrol the peak of Mt. Hermon. However, in the snowy winter, the Alpine fighters receive their orders to report for reserve duty due to their unique set of skills.

“The guys leave their families and their jobs, and come to serve in extreme weather. We come here to do our work in order to protect Israel,” explained Amir Shukrun, Commander of the Alpine Unit Training Company. “Motivation is high.”

{ Israel}



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