Photos: Mikvah USA Begins Construction of New Mikvah in Mil Basin, NY (JDN)



  1. 1st of all u mean Mill Basin, Brooklyn not Mill Basin, NY, Mill Basin is an section of Bklyn not a city for itself, it’s like say Boro Park, NY or Williamsburg, NY, it’s a part of Bklyn, it’s not a separate city, Long Island has town names like Hempstead, Jericho, Valley Stream or Mineola, when u send a package to these towns u write Hempstead, NY or Mineola, NY, but Mill Basin is in Bklyn, so you should write Mill Basin, Bklyn, then ppl will know that your talking about Bklyn, there are readers from this site that don’t live in the Tri State area, so when u say Mill Basin, NY they think there is a city called Mill Basin, when really it’s like saying Crown Height, Bklyn or Dumbo, Bklyn, basically Mill Basin is a section of Bklyn that’s all I’m saying, it’s not a separate city somewhere in NY

  2. Mill Basin doesn’t have a mikvah already? There has been Frumeh people living there for at least 50 years. I do think understand.


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