Photos: Pepper Spray Being Sold Outside of Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim in Light of Terror Stabbings

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tear gas (1)

tear gas (2)

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Total stupidity. Just some opportunist crook who is trying to play to the naiveté of the young Bachurim. A terrorist doesn’t say:” herzach Tzu, I’m planning on stabbing you.” They jump from behind without any prior warning. At that point, some silly spray aint going to help at all.

  2. Hey Hersh, don’t jump to conclusions. I live in Israel and there’s a shortage of pepper spray here because ppl are rushing to buy it. Ur right that it won’t save u if u r jumped from behind but hopefully every1 will b constantly monitoring thier surroundings. In that scenario pepper spray can give u the few seconds of respite needed to get away or for help to arrive.

  3. If pepper spray is being sold out , hair spray works just as well. Go to a store and buy a small hair spray and keep it in your pocket, same affect it blinds the person and burns the eyes, and it gives you a few seconds to protect yourself or bring the person down.

  4. I know people are going to rush to buy things to make them “feel” safe after incidents like these but I just hope that these tools meant to protect won’t be used to attack.


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