Photos: Yidden Davening Mincha at the Tefillas Mordechai Mincha Area On The Way To The Catskills (JDN)

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  1. Aren’t you supposed to daven where there is a roof over you? Why the urgency to daven davka by a public rest stop with all the noise and distractions? Someone that is responsible and has his priorities straight will cheshbon out his trip to make sure he davens Mincha before he leaves or leaves ample time to arrive at his final destination and daven there, like a mensch. Would you arrange a meeting with an important person in a public outdoor venue? Would you arrange to meet your Rebbe or Rosh Yeshiva in such a haphazard makom? Why is HKB”H treated differently? Unfortunately I see the tzibbur is not machshiv teffila, key hu zeh klal. Nebach.

    • “supposed to daven where there is a roof over you?” Huh? You must have never been at the Kosel.

      Not always is it possible to leave “ample time to arrive at his final destination and daven there”. You’re lucky you never had this problem.

      “Unfortunately I see the tzibbur is not machshiv teffila” Blatant lashon hara. Had they not been machshiv, they wouldn’t go out of their way and out of their exit to stop and daven. They’d just do it in their car or not at all.

  2. @Baruch, I guess you never went upstate for weekends. Also please quote for me where it says you have to daven with a roof over your head I must have overlooked it when I was learning Hilchos Tefilah

  3. Baruch, may you be zocheh to daven at the Kosel and be zocheh to see the Kiddush Hashem yidden make when they stop over in a public area to daven.

  4. Baruch- (ironically I too am Boruch, except I spell it with an O) there is always 2 ways of looking at things. To me it is obvious that you are correct, it is better to daven in a shul, or even outdoors where there are no distractions. What I saw however after viewing the pictures posted by matzav was how nicely they arranged to have a cordoned off area, well marked by road signs, away from the general comings-and-goings of the general public. Whomever arranged for those upgrades, may he be blessed.

  5. Why do people always have to see bad in Klal Yisroel? Take off those dark glasses and you will see how Yidden are machshiv Tefilla and how they daven b’tzibbur. And enjoy the beauty of seeing all kinds of Yidden davening together
    The heilige Barditchiver z”l would have a field day with this Mincha/Maariv stop.

  6. s’iz ayn toirah oon ayn boireh–look at how many different kinds of people are davening together! it’s beautiful

  7. this is a real kiddush hashem
    to the person questioning it-boruch
    sounds like you have yet to face the nisyoinis of a buisness person re mincha
    not allways are there minyanim available
    who ever set this up on the thruway
    has the zechusim of thousands of people davening btzibur and answering amen etc

    • “…the nisyoinis of a buisness person re mincha…”
      As someone whose minyan attendance isn’t as good as it should be, I can say that this is all too true.


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