Photos: Yidden in Kerestir, Hungary, to Mark Yahrtzeit of Rav Yeshayele Keretirer zt”l


Hundreds traveled to the town of Kerestir, Hungary, to mark the yahrtzeit of Rav Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir, legendary Kerestirer Rebbe, today, 3 Iyar.

Rav Yeshayale was known throughout pre-war Hungary for his tzidkus and his blessings, which miraculously came to fruition. He passed away in 1926.

His yahrtzeit, 3 Iyar, has become a day when hundreds converge on the small town of Kerestir to davenat his kever for yeshuos in his merit.
See photos of the yahrtzeit commemoration below, courtesy of JDN.
An accident in Kerestir today sent to visitors to the hospital in critical condition. Read the earlier Matzav report here.



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