Plan Approved For Israel’s Tallest Building

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tel-avivThe Tel Aviv Local Planning and Building Commission yesterday approved the “Keren Hakirya” plan for the construction of an office, commercial, and residential complex at the corner of Shaul Hamelech Street and Namir Road. The plan will include an 80-floor skyscraper – Israel’s tallest building to date.

The “Keren Hakirya” plan, initiated by the Israel Land Administration, includes 540 apartments and 100,000 square meters of office space. The plan applies to the 38-dunam (nine-acre) lot at the northeast corner of the Kirya, the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv. The land is owned by the Israel Land Administration and has been used until now by the Ministry of Defense.

Under the approved plan, 240,000 square meters of office and building space will be built, including 540 apartments and 100,000 square meters of office space. The plan calls for the construction of 80-floor and 50-floor office buildings, and two 45-floor residential high rises, atop a commercial floor. The 80-floor skyscraper will be considerably higher than the nearby Azrieli Towers. The towers’ roofs will be used for commercial space, as a “fifth façade”. A square will be built between the office buildings. It will include commercial space, with an emphasis on cafes, and provide passage between Shaul Hamelech Street and Begin Road.

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  1. Black hat–it effects the readership by safisfying the curiosity that all humans share i am interested and so are others so who are you to question matzavs choice of interest.

  2. “Plan Approved for Israel’s Tallest Building”

    Put Netanyahoo and all the phoney Israeli politicians into it and you can call it the Tower of Bavel.


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