Plane Loses Its $368 Million Cargo Of Gold, Platinum And Diamonds On Takeoff

Gold and platina fell out of cargo plane in Yakutia

The plane with ten tons of gold, platinum and diamonds lost part of its cargo after taking off from Yakutsk airport today.

The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane hit problems during takeoff; the treasures fell out of the hold all over the runway. The value of the load was put at 21 billion roubles.

The crew decided to land at the nearby airport of Magan, some 26 kilometres north-west of Yakutsk. Police sealed off the runway and a vast search is underway. Read more at Siberian Times.





  1. Nobody was hurt and hopefully most or all of the load will be recovered (not stolen) / was insured. It should be noticed that metal load, and especially gold, needs very accurate check of weight distribution. Ten tons of this cargo can be surprisingly compact volume.

  2. Very weird. Why would the cargo punkt fall out of a plane when it’s so valuable? How exactly did it fall out? Murphy’s law in full play.


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