PLO Charges Israel With ‘War Crimes, Anti-Human, Racist Acts’

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abbasThe PLO leadership on Sunday launched a scathing attack on Israel and threatened to go to international agencies to punish it for its “war crimes, anti-human, racist acts and violations of international laws.”

The attack came during a meeting in Ramallah of the PLO Executive Committee under the chairmanship of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Read more here.

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  1. This guy danced, welcomed & even championed killers as the Israelis released blood-stained killers into the wild and he has an open ear to the world at large! Purge him and his ilk from the face of the planet! Send them to Jupiter! Why doesn’t the world see that? So strong???is their hatred of Jews!??????

  2. #5, concerned jew: Sorry, you’re wrong. The Arabs are a mixed people, more even than others, and there is hardly any Yishmael in them. Many of the Arabs in Israel have Slavic blood and come from Bosnia, etc. There is every race and mixture in them. They are no more related to the Jew than any other peoples.


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