Poisonous Egyptian Cobra Escapes Bronx Zoo

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alg_egyptian-cobraA 20-inch cobra slithered out of its cage in the Bronx Zoo this weekend, forcing the exhibit to close while workers searched for the venomous serpent, officials said.

The adolescent Egyptian cobra went missing from an off-exhibit enclosure sometime in the afternoon and zookeepers quickly closed off the Reptile House, officials said.

Workers canvassed the building, eying several closed-in spaces that the reptile would naturally be drawn to coil inside, officials said.

The snake – native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula – was not recovered as of yet, officials said.

The section will remain closed to the public until it is found.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


  1. What’s taking these zoo “experts” so long to find & capture the snake? If they indeed have no idea where it is, how can they be sure it didn’t escape outside the snake pavilion thus endagering everybody?! Total incompetance! This is our tax dollars, hard at work!

  2. I think it had babies in my backyard here in the Bronx. I walk outside and there are tiny snakes crawling through my lawn.

  3. Why is everyone picking on this poor snake? According to the article it’s an “adolescent” – that is, a teenager. Don’t all teenagers want to take risks, see the world?

    Believe me, the snake is in far more danger of being run over by a New York driver than anyone else is of being bitten.


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