Police Chief Blames Far-Right Lawmaker Ben Gvir For ‘Internal Intifada’

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Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai has told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that extreme-right MK Itamar Ben Gvir is responsible for ongoing riots in Jewish-Arab cities, Israeli TV reported Thursday.

During a briefing, Shabtai said that every time police appear to be getting an area under control, Ben Gvir, the Kahanist member of the Religious Zionism party, shows up to fan the flames, Channel 12 and Channel 13 news both reported.

“The person who is responsible for this intifada is Itamar Ben Gvir. It started with the Lehava protest at Damascus Gate,” Shabtai said, referring to far-right demonstrations around Jerusalem’s Old City. “It continued with provocations in Sheikh Jarrah, and now he is moving around with Lehava activists.”

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  1. The police who purposely took down the security cameras in Meron before Lag Be’omer and blocked the main exit should be accused of murder of 45 kedoshim. And now these reshoim are telling the residents of Haifa to remove their cameras for some diabolical reasons. Hope the Haifa citizens will be smart enough not to heed their advice.

  2. The police in Israel NEVER take responsibility for their own incompetence.

    As Rabbi Avigdor Miller stated, he specifically lists all the “reshaim” in Israel during his prayers: “Every day in shemona esrei I say that. I ask for a mapalah for all the wicked Arabs. And a mapalah for all the wicked Jews too. The BAGATZ, the Supreme Court. A mapalah for them and for Meretz. I say it every day in shemona esrei. I say it bifeirush – I say out their names every day. ”

    If you don’t think the Israeli police fall into the above category, then you do not live in the Holy Land.

    • Tarring too many with the same brush
      there are many fine even religious members of the police
      Do you ever step out of your own little neighborhood

      a problem with the police forces
      these are the ones who members of our communities have to deal with on a day-to-day basis
      As it has become become the fallback for so many females it has become so integrated unhealthy

  3. The Israel is essentially a police state ordinary citizens are not allowed to defend themselves.
    Only the pool ice is allowed to do anything but only after the Arabs burn your Shul and break your bones or worse kill you. If they would slow ordinary people to defend themselves as in stand your ground and shoot Arabs that start up there would be no infitada


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