Police Chief: Zero Tolerance to ‘Nazi’ Chants at Yerushalayim Protests

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protest7Yerushalayim Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen says he has no plans to turn a blind eye to the continuing protests in the capital. “Every public in the State of Israel has the right to protest,” Cohen said this morning, “but at the end of the day, there will be zero tolerance to ‘Nazi’ chants and spitting at policemen.”

As for the dispute over the Karta parking lot, the police chief said the matter must be solved between the Yerushalayim Municipality and the protesting charedi community.

“In any case, we will always be there to handle the event. I believe the way the Israel Police are dealing with this is the most professional and correct way, with a lot of tolerance and patience. But the solution must be between the two sides,” Cohen said.

In light of the recent wave of violence, the police commissioner gave a special interview to Israel Radio and Army Radio this morning.

“I believe the violence issue should be at the top of the agenda of the public, government offices and the Israel Police – and it really is in our hands,” he said. We are not free of responsibility, and a great part of dealing with this is in the police’s hands.

“I’m telling you in simple words that I, as a citizen and a policeman, am concerned,” Cohen continued. “I don’t think these incidents should be ignored, but at the end of the process – the public’s faith in the police is very important, fully supporting the working police officers. I, as the police chief, give daily backing, every hour, in all of the Israel Police’s areas of action, everywhere and in every station.”

Cohen added, however, that “when dealing with violence – the police are not alone. There are many other elements dealing with the violence issue, starting with schools, education through the parents, through the legal system, and perhaps most importantly – the Israel Police.”

As for the shortage of police forces on the streets, Cohen said, “The claim may be justified, but I believe we are not interested in living in a country which is not free and not democratic. Police stations have been reinforced with 1,000 policemen recently. Over-enforcement is a two-edged sword, and I believe it can hurt the free movement of the State’s residents.”

{Ynet/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Nazi is a term used to define those that are violent and hateful murderers toward the Jewish people. Those Police enjoy beating and kicking Jews. If they weren’t Jews I would have called them Nazis too. They are Jews, does that change the facts on the ground?

  2. There was once a court case where a cop was accused of throwing a table at a father (and breaking his foot) who was simply saving his child from being beaten. The cop’s defense was…. you got it! he had called him Nazi, so he deserved it!! The policeman was found guilty since.. there was a video showing that he had not called him a Nazi!!
    Otherwise he would have been justified!! (This case was fought with the help of Betzedek of Agudadth Israel)

  3. many of the police are NOT jewish, there are many arabs on the froce as well. nazi is wrong term they should be appropriatly described as- animals, cruel violent, raging murderous beasts etc

  4. NAZI is a term that should be reserved for Hitler and his soldiers. All other individuals do not deserve this ‘kinu shem’.


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