Police: Flatbush “Hate” Firebombings Were Insurance Scam, Not Anti-Semitism

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Flatbush, Brooklyn – Police have told community leaders that car firebombings that rattled a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn were probably an insurance scam, and not a hate crime, the Daily News reports.

Vandals on Nov. 11 torched three cars in Midwood, tried to set a fourth afire and scrawled messages of hate – swastikas, KKK and “[curse] the Jews” – on a nearby van and benches.

The pre-dawn incident led to denunciations from Mayor Bloomberg and other elected officials.

To date, there have been no arrests and police have not definitively ruled out any motive.

But police sources said investigators now believe the graffiti was probably scrawled in a ruse to make the firebombings look like an act of hate.

“We’re investigating the possibility that some of the evidence was manufactured to make this look like a bias crime,” one source said.

Another source said investigators are “pretty certain” the cars were torched so someone could collect insurance money.

“We don’t think it’s about hating Jews,” the second source said.

The owner of one of the torched cars did not live in the neighborhood, a community source briefed on the investigation said.

“That’s what tipped off the detectives,” the source said.

A fourth source said beer bottles found at the scene appear to have been wiped clean of fingerprints, suggesting the work of someone meticulous, not someone lashing out in hate.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, the NYPD’s top spokesman, said that the police are still investigating the incidents.

“It was investigated as a possible bias, but we have not foreclosed on other motives,” Browne said.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Mike you are assuming that the perpetrator was Jewish. That’s not what the article is saying. Some Jewish cars were probably hit as a cover for the ones that were intended.

  2. Regardless of who did it, this is turns out to be bad for us. Very bad. “Our” politicians making marches down Ocean Parkway; crying out on every news channel; making all sorts of statements, and it turns out to be arson?!! Anti Semitisim becomes cheaper.

    It’s like Achashveirosh’s first letter of “lihos kol ish…” which made people not his second letter (lehashmid…) seriously. There it was good, here…

  3. #3 I don’t know. But surely the owners of the torched cars know who they are.

    You write that I assume the perpetrator is a Yid. Yes, I do. You assume the perpetrator is a goy. When a goy draws swastikas and writes “– the Jews,” is that not a hate crime?

  4. I can’t stand it when the title of the article does not reflect what the article says. The title says that the firebombings were a scam. Plain and simple. There’s no “probably”, no “believe”, no “investigating the possibility”, no “pretty certain”, no “think”, no “appear”, no “suggesting”, no “still investigating” — all these hedging terms were used in the article.

  5. If it was an insurance scam why would they torch them? Fire and theft insurance go together so if it was a scam they could have arranged for the cars to be stolen, for example, by leaving them unlocked.


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