Police Say Man Trespassed Into Ocasio-Cortez’s Office, Sprayed Fire Extinguisher


A 27-year-old man allegedly trespassed into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office in Queens Saturday afternoon, a police source told The Hill.

The man sprayed a fire extinguisher while officers arrived creating a “cloud condition,” said New York Police Department spokesman George Tsourovakas.

The man was then taken into police custody, Tsourovakas said, adding that charges against the man are pending.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Can’t tell if the first poster here is being sarcastic.

    In any case, the link supplied gives the name as Douala Hashi. And it also gives the age as 31 (where does “27” in this article come from?)

    And despite the supplied link calling it “Ocasio-Cortez’s office”, the huffingtongpost states that the police released a correction that it was the office building that housed her campaign, but that the office itself was never breached. And the person in question was a vagrant well known to the employees of the building.

  2. He was searching for her black book of secret drinks recipes. What he failed to realize was that all her knowledge fits onto one sticky note, which says “put ice in first”.


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