Polish Mailmen And The Holocaust


In the midst of the Poland Holocaust controversy, Israel’s National Library announced the receipt of horrifying archival material from Yosef Weichert, son of Michael Weichert who served as chairman of the Krakow’s Jewish Social Self-Help Organization during World War II.

Weichert had bought the museum 59 envelopes that once held letters sent between September 1940 and May 1941 to outlying branches of the organization from the central office, where his father worked.

The Polish postal service later returned them to his office with handwritten notes on the envelopes stating: “Left this address,” “The Jews were expelled,” or “The Jewish Council no longer exists.”

There was no doubt that the Polish mailmen were aware of the fate of the recipients.

Some envelopes included a stamped message stating in Polish: “Victory for the Germans on all fronts!”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. While all these attacks and complaints against Poland are 100%,we should avoid turning into useful idiots
    The liberal and secularist Organizations are using these now to defeat a pretty good Government because of their left wing proclivities


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