Poll: Fewer Americans Identifying As Conservative

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Americans’ ideological bent has shifted in the first half of 2020 with fewer people self-identifying as politically conservative in May and June than at the start of the year. There has been a corresponding increase in self-described liberals while the percentage moderate has been fairly steady.

the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching record highs.

Nevertheless, the percentage of Americans identifying as conservative reverted to an average 37% in March and April as the coronavirus pandemic emerged. It fell further to 34% in May and June as the pandemic has worn on, Trump’s job approval rating has tumbled, and the racial justice movement emerged as a national focus following the death of George Floyd.

Meanwhile, the percentages identifying as liberal increased from an average of 22% in January/February to 26% in May/June.

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  1. Such short term changes and such small fluctuations are statistically meaningless

    Even so the shifting values of American society are something to remember Tisha B’av time.

    The US is becoming much more liberal and by extension a more hostile place for us.

    B’Ruchnius U’Bagashmius

  2. This “poll” was fabricated by the same people who claim that Trump has a very low chance of winning. LOL!

  3. How on Earth is this A chiddush
    In the Last 30 years the more Americans voted for the Liberal candidate :
    (obviously popular vote doesn’t matter with regard to the presidency and so in 2000 and 2016 the more conservative became president, though even there Trump was the least conservative of the Republican nominees)

    conservatism is on its way out and has been for decades

  4. Of course, fearing a retaliation by the militant socialist-fascists has absolutely, not at all, boy scouts promise, nothing to do with people not revealing their conservative convictions to the poll takers. Keep in mind, May is when the “liberals” went full Mussolini with additional covid19 restrictions on one hand and government-sanctioned riots on the other, so it makes sense that lots of conservatives got bullied into keeping their political opinions private.


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