Poll: GOP Voters Stand By Trump

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A new poll released Sunday morning shows that a majority of Republican voters want the party to stand by Trump in the wake of recently-published sexually explicit comments he made in 2005. Three-quarters of GOP voters believe Trump should still receive support from the party at large, which just 13 percent said the RNC should abandon him, according to the Politico/Morning Consult poll.

Additionally, just 48 percent of Republican voters said the recorded remarks, published Friday by The Washington Post, make them view Trump less favorably, and 36 percent said it did not affect how they view him. The comments have caused a crisis situation for the party, with a plethora of elected GOP leaders declaring they can no longer support the Republican nominee. The poll gave Hillary Clinton a four-point lead, 42 to 38, over Trump, with Gary Johnson pulling 8 percent. Read more at POLITICO.



  1. What Hillary will do to israel and Judaism here in America is the real issue. There is a reason the conservative Christians are standing by Trump. They know if she gets elected that will mean a liberal left wing Supreme Court. That means every religious person will be forced to hire and conform to the lowest elements of society. Yeshivas will be forced to hire men wearing skirts and all kinds of other craziness or face losing the little federal funding they get. This will spell the end of lunch programs and bus service. This is serious stuff. Forget about israel being squeezed by Hillary.

  2. he may have said some bad things, but bill clinton did bad things, and hillary did not come out against him for them.
    an ear that hears and websites that print it all. judge him on his actions and hillary on hers (and her lack of action in situations requiring that she act decisively).

  3. Warren buffet said ” why are most very wealthy people crazy? Cause they can afford it!!”
    Trump said what anyone of those politicians think and want to say. But they can’t afford it. When trump said it he was able to afford it. Now as a politician he can’t afford it. It’s all nonsense.
    but it sure is interesting


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