Poll: Most Palestinians See Two-State Solution as Precursor to Single State


palestiniansAlmost two-thirds of Palestinians (59 percent in the West Bank and 63 percent in Gaza‏) support the two-state solution ‏(Israel and Palestine‏) but eventually hope that one state – Palestine – will prevail, according to a survey by pollster Stanley Greenberg for The Israel Project.Only 23 percent said they believed in Israel’s right to exist as the national homeland of the Jews. However, 50 percent supported recognizing Israel as a Jewish state in order to reach the two-state solution.

Like previous surveys, the poll shows that the popularity of PA President Mahmoud Abbas is on the rise compared with his Hamas counterparts. ‏



  1. 2 state solution is known as the “Kahane SALAMI solution”. Slice away at the Jewish State till there is none left.

    Isn’t everyone aware of this? 2 state will become 1 state will become Palestinian State.

  2. As there are NO Palestinians it is foolish to even consider a state for people who are calling themselves something they are not. As the Jewish people are the same people who have inhabited the area for thousands of years it is only logical that they deserve to have their own state. The world should realize that those who call themselves Palestinian only want to dominate an area that they have no historical connection to. These persons have NO desire to live peacefully aside anybody who will not submit to their beliefs. Wake up!

  3. As has been prophesied the correct management structure overlaying the Holy Land will be a Messianic State. The State of Israel, Gaza and Judea and Samaria/The West Bank are all components of an expanded Messianic Kingdom. The spiritual, physical, economic and social potential of the area has just been tapped. How the command structure should function on a day to day basis is the interesting thing. G-d’s vision will trump all others. Deny what he wants and see what happens. In the global body the pressure points of the Holy Land are more significant and can create both great pain and pleasure.


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