Poll: Trump’s Voters More Fervent Than Biden’s

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Roughly three months before Election Day, a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that Biden’s supporters are less enthusiastic than Trump’s — both about the campaign itself and about their candidate — although the Democrat’s coalition may be equally motivated by anxiety.

Still, the poll reveals an American public at odds with Trump on wearing masks, on balancing restrictions to stop the virus with efforts to help the economy and on fully reopening schools. And voters give Biden higher marks on many positive traits that apply to leadership in the age of the coronavirus, including honesty, capability and caring for Americans.

While interest in the presidential campaign is high across the board, just 31% of Biden supporters say they’re excited, compared with 42% of Trump supporters. Biden’s coalition is fueled by more negative emotions: 72% of Biden supporters, but 52% of Trump supporters, say they feel anxious about the 2020 campaign. The same disparity exists for frustration with the election, 65% for Biden supporters and 45% for Trump’s.

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  1. The American Frontline Doctors held a press conference yesterday praising hydroxychloroquine and bashing its opponents as fake science. Twitter and Youtube pulled the plug on them but 17 million already saw it.
    See Breitbart for their statement before that too gets pulled down.

      • no one wants to get infected so that they have a privilege of taking a medication. However, we wouldn’t shut down the economy or force people to wear masks if strep throat was going around since we have penicillin.

        Once all the info comes out we will likely see that HCQ is as safe or safer than Penicillin.

        • There was never any discussion about shutting down the economy for strep throat, because penicillin and antibiotics work, and after an initial period when it was super expensive and restricted to the military and other “people of interest”, industrial production is supplying whatever amount is needed or desired (also for veterinarian use, etc). Had HCQ a good chance of working with covid-19 as it does with non-resistant malaria, don’t you think Trump would have ordered it administered to the military? They administer it for malaria, and don’t ask anyone’s opinion. Then again you may be right, perhaps it works for covid19, but I prefer to wait and see. I have no reason to rush and get infected.

      • The point has always been that for the early treatment, within the first 5 days, before the virus has a chance to mutate itself in the body, it responds well to hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and zinc. This has been something that has been known since March here in the United States but those who like to push new medications and new drugs just so that they can make extra money, keep shutting everyone down.

        One of the doctors from that press conference at the place on the steps of the capital, said very eloquently that she could prove that just about every member of Congress was taking hydroxychloroquineIf only they would be willing to submit to a urine test! She challenged them. I’ll bet no one’s going to, none of the ones that are holding out on this.

        The fact is, there is a lot of blood on the hands of the left because of what they have done not to stop the virus when it was known what could be done. They should all go to ghenom and drop dead on the way. B’KOROV!

        • Do you think Soros, Gates, Musk, Queen Elizabeth etc. take HCQ? I don’t think so! They are staying away from this virus. Maybe you should admit to yourself there is a reason some people are elite and some others are sore losers.


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