Postal Service Officials: Mail-In Ballots Might Not Be Counted

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Officials at the U.S. Postal Service are sounding the alarm about mail-in voting, saying Americans’ votes might not even get counted if they choose to fill out their ballot that way.

The Daily Beast reported that during a Thursday meeting with the Postal Service’s elections integrity task force, USPS officials said problems are on the horizon.

“With the dramatic increase of ballots compared to previous elections, in some cases a tenfold increase in the number of ballots in some states, there are some issues in the supply chain,” a senior official at the agency said during the meeting.

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  1. Two points:
    Mail delivery has deteriorated ever since Obama told the USPS it can lower its standards. The last few years has seen a tremendous decrease in the reliability of mail delivery. No one sending legal papers that must actually arrive uses the Post Office any more; they use UPS or Fedex. despite the greater expense

    If people can stand in line at the grocery or at Walmart, why not during regular voting??

    • Because regular voting favors a Trump re-election and the Democruds and many pathetic Repugnicants don’t want that. Never argue with success, just change the narrative and get rid of it. Remember “we have seen the enemy and he is us” Pogo the sage.


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