POWERFUL P’SAK: Rav Moshe Shternbuch: Don’t Count Corona Mosrim in a Minyan

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Rav Moshe Shternbuch, rosh av bais din of the Badatz of the Eidah Hachareidis of Yerushalayim, has released a powerful p’sak against those who submit to authorities names and identities of Torah institutions that allegedly are not complying with draconian Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

There has been a prevalence of individuals who have been providing secular officials, politicians and governmental agencies information about minyanim or yeshivos that have been open.

Rav Shternbuch, in his weekly shiur, stated that these “mosrim,” those who inform on fellow Jews to governmental authorities, may not be counted toward a minyan.

It is known that the prohibition of mesirah is one of the most severe sins, and in Shulchan Aruch it is stated that a moser has no portion in the World to Come, must be excommunicated, and should not be counted in a minyan.

“Some have assumed that it is permissible to violate this halacha, a grave sin, handing over to the authorities those who allegedly violated government regulations regarding corona, submitting names of yeshivos, shuls or baalei simcha who do not comply. There is no heter to do this, and their claim that this is ‘pikuach nefesh’ is unfounded. This does not fall into the category of pikuach nefesh to allow such a thing to be done.”

Rav Shternbuch went on to say that years ago, especially in the early part of the last century, when shemiras Shabbos was difficult and Jews were fired for not working on Saturday, many claimed that it is permissible to work on Shabbos for livelihood purposes, since it is pikuach nefesh, as people will die of hunger, but we, of course, know that this is not permissible at all based on the claim of pikuach nefesh.

“There is generally no heter to inform the authorities on fellow Jews, except in certain absolutely exceptional cases where there is danger to many and the danger must be stopped in order to save many people, and even in these instances, one is not allowed to be moser except after a warning, and only after consulting a leading posek in each every individual case and discussing every specific detail of that case and then receiving a heter.”

Rav Shternbuch stressed that, of course, everyone should be careful not to cause harm to others, and that one who has signs of illness must be careful and stay away from others, but as far as providing information to the authorities, it is halachically forbidden and those who do say may not be counted in a minyan.

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    • No sheichus. The anti semitic governor & Mayor have admitted that the closing of mikomos hakdoshim has nothing to do with the actual numbers.

    • You mean his psak on what constitutes a plague? Based on his psak the plague never touched Israel, which is the truth. “COVID-19” is not one disease, it is a many things conflated. Whatever genetic material is testing positive in Israel is no more dangerous than a common cold, as the numbers prove.

  1. It is hoped that bs’d with the continued psokim from the foremost posekim shlita as it relates to the isur chomer of mesira the tzibur charedei will cease this abhorrent
    practice. Regrettably, too many women seeking the upper hand in divorce make
    false allegations and obtain restraining orders. When this behavior is finally
    recognized for what it is, hopefully the practice will cease.

  2. halevi I have the zechut to daven with 9 mosrim; yehi chelki imahem.

    i know who i will not daven with. hibadlu mitoch haedah ha’ra’ah hazot

  3. Divrei elokim chaim. The torah is true and as much as the left swinging political correctness dont want to hear this, i have a message for you…. TOO BAD. Dont come up with excuses for actions of mesirah And use the torah as your support, because your wrong. Only the Gedolim have enough sechel hayashar to know what the true hashkafa is. Therefore i give a tremendous Yasher koach to matzav for publishing this while some other jewish websites will only anti torah values articles.

  4. What mosrim do is to plant false charges with the government for personal gain. These alleged mosrim report actual dangerous violations to save lives. What are batei din doing to prevent and end such violations? Would there be any incentive to take this matter to the government if our communities policed themselves properly?

    • They are informing the government that people are doing things that the government says is costing lives, but Torah says otherwise. Based on the Torah definition of a plague (wave of deaths, not “cases) there is no plague in Israel, or most of the world. We don’t follow the religion of “settled science” we follow Torah. If there was a real plague in Israel the Haredim would be at the forefront of implementing life-saving measures, but there is no plague, so the restrictions against us are considered “SHMAD” and we are obligated to resist them with all of our power.

  5. “except in certain exceptional cases where there is danger to many and the danger must be stopped in order to save many people, and even in this, one is not allowed except after a warning, and only after consulting a leading posek in each every individual case.”

  6. Que laymen, who have not a millionth of this posek’s Torah knowledge, sounding off on how archaic and uninformed this psak is.

  7. What about the Psak of R Akiva Eiger who absolutely permitted notifying the police about violators of shutdown regulations during a cholera epidemic?

  8. Is there a written copy, or a tape recording of the shiur that this article is based upon.
    Specifically the part about messiroh.
    Thank You,


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