Protection From COVID Comes In A Surprising New Form

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The air in a brightly lit Bnei Brak room was electric last week, as a small group awaited their very prestigious visitors. The tables & chairs were ready, the posters were hung on the walls, the cameras were charged, and the rabbanim began to arrive. One by the one, the Torah giants filled the room: The Vizhnitz Rebbe, Rav Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi, Rav Chaim Feinstein, Rav Elimelech Biderman, and Rav Binyamin Finkel. Though Israel is heavily populated with many of the most famous Rabbis in the world, it is a rare occurence to see them in person, let alone this many gathered together in one place. They are often extremely busy, dedicating their time to their students, their communities, and their learning.


It was apparent to all those who were present that for such a meeting to be taking place, the subject matter must be serious.


The reason for this momentous gathering was to make a “Beis Din,” a Jewish court of law. It was decided that the Beis Din would be formed after news arose of a group of impoverished orphans from all walks of life, who were struggling to make their weddings this month. Their stories moved their readers to their very core: Tales of parents lost to COVID, car accidents, and more. Left behind to mourn were young men & women who now faced the daunting task of making a chasuna on their own. It was decided that the Rabbis would meet, to bring awareness to the orphans’ situation, and to give a multifaceted and highly relevant blessing to all those who joined them in the cause.


They blessed all donors to Vaad HaRabbanim’s ‘52 Yesomim’ campaign with children, life, and sustenance, and merit to marry off their children with health & nachas, be saved from suffering and illness, and to have easy parnassah.


Within this blessing there seems to be something for everyone. From those longing for a family, to those praying for their childrens’ futures – from those looking for protection from the physical threat of the Coronavirus, to those seeking to protect their finances from its cultural ripple effects.


The Rabbanim were not content, however, to simply give the bracha. In order to allow its recipients to feel fully assured in the strength of their tefilos for them, it was made into a ‘psak Beis Din.’ This halachic status’s meaning is significant: In the Jewish tradition, it is passed down that what is declared as a psak Beis Din in this world becomes a reality in the world above.


Those who wish to join this cause, and receive this timely blessing can do so here for a limited time.


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