Psychiatric Evaluation Of Devoted Mother Deals Blow to Prosecutor’s Office and Police

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chareidimA psychiatric evaluation has showed that the Meah Shearim mother accused of starving her child is actually mentally healthy, as we reported earlier here on from Rebbetzin Yocheved Grossman, and that she does not pose any risk to others. The psychiatrist who examined the mother was Dr. Yaakov Weil, who confirmed what sources have told repeatedly: that the mother is a normal, caring, devoted parent. Dr. Weil said that she does not suffer from Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy. As we reported, the mother, Yenti, will be brought to the Magistrate’s Court tomorrow for a hearing on the terms of her house arrest.

“We are very satisfied and we believe that this is a harsh blow to the Prosecutor’s Office and to police,” a person familiar with the family said.

Members of Toldos Aharon, the Eidah Hachareidis and askanim in the chareidi community who have been involved in getting the truth out say that the psychiatrist’s report will prove that the case against her is a “blood libel,” a term used by a number of people, including Rav Dovid Soloveitchik, to describe the way this case has been handled.

More specific information will be available tomorrow following the hearing.

{Yair Israel}


  1. So now the question is a simple reality check: why did the child weigh 7 kilo?

    Rebbetzin Grossman has already been reported as attributing this to the child having cancer, and the subsequent chemotherapy.
    This appears to be verifiable very simply. The physician/physicians involved in the diagnosis and chemotherapy should come forward and testify. I would be shocked if the mother’s defense team did not call them to appear at the hearing, because that would be dispositive.

    Of course, as a frum yid (I think), I cannot let reality get in the way of the information being provided here by Yair Alpert. If the gedolim say this is a blood libel, then I accept that. Al yemin shehu smol…

  2. the emes always comes out in the end. As abraham lincoln once put it ” you can fool some people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time!!1″

  3. I’m not sure of all the facts but somethings don’t add up:
    1) I am aware that the lady has had one session with Dr Weil (I’m not sure how much can be determined in a single session. It’s not quite like looking to see if you need a filling)
    2) Interesting quote from the ‘person familiar with the family’. This person could be anyone who knows of the family
    3) I was always under the impression that there is a patient doctor confidentiality -> so how the Edah or Toldos Ahron have got the physc report before the authorities is quite unique

  4. I though PT Barnum said that. You know, the circus guy.
    Anyway, please stop referring to this as a “blood libel.” That has a distinct historical definition of Jews killing Christians (!) to use their blood for matzos (!), a crackpot accusation if ever there was one. Yes, the powerless Jews always killed members of the host country in medieval Europe; that was how they stayed safe. Sure.

    These false libels also endangered the lives of all Jews in that town, or general locale.

    This is not that. No charedim are endangered. There’ll be no marauding gangs of killers looking to settle the score. The police don’t just cook these things up in Israel to aggravate charedim. It is possible this woman is sane, and doesn’t suffer from Munchausen’s by proxy, but, as stated above, we need to know why this poor child was nearly starved to death. Our concern must always be focused on the helpless, vulnerable child, not on the mother, who has some serious ‘splainin’ to do, mentally fit or not. Agreed? Let’s start caring for the most vulnerable among us. But sadly, leider leider, we have a shameful record of doing that in our yeshiviz over the past 40-50 years, v’hamaivin yavin.

  5. i cant judge anybody if you dont see what really went on sometimes you dont need to have a mental problem to be abusive i agree that an investigation is needed to discover why the boy weight is 7 kilos why the situation was not taken care before davening for the health of this jewish family and refuah shlema for this little jewish nechama thanks

  6. he said she has not got Munchasen. That DOES NOT mean she is a normal caring mother. It means she was in full control of her faculties when she pulled out a feeding tube. by the way, solids go in the mouth, feeding tubes in the nose

  7. Rebbetzin Grossman has already been reported as attributing this to the child having cancer, and the subsequent chemotherapy.
    This appears to be verifiable very simply.

    How dare she make such a comment that’s the rebbitzin I mean..

  8. Here’s what the Jerusalem Post is reporting:

    Weill, who was selected to carry out the test by agreement with both the police and the woman’s lawyers, said Tuesday that he would need another meeting or two with the woman before issuing his professional opinion in the case, but added that he could not force her to meet with him again.

  9. A number of points. Fist of all, I sincerely doubt that anyone has seen the medical report which is confidential and is shown only to the court, not to the family and surely not to askanim l’mineihem. Second, if the psychiatrist ruled that she is not insane, that means that she is competent enough to stand trial,; it does not mean that she is innocent. Third, and to my mind most importantly, everyone involved – but especially the factions who paste pashkeviilim on the walls of Meah Shearim must tone down the rhetoric. To label a Jewish doctor in Hadassah as Mengele is beyond contempt. It is the responsibility of every single rav [and eirav rav] in Meah Shearim to stand up and scream: lo zu haderech.
    Dovid landesman

  10. the docter knows how much weight loss can be attributed to chemo and obviously if there is a case against her,than the dr. must’ve said there is too much loss and that not all of it is b/c of chemo.

  11. Don’t call this a blood libel, don’t call experimenting doctors Mengele, don’t call sadistic police Nazis; but the charedim are shchorim, doosim, terrorists, just like Arabs, students of Arafat… and Yiddishkeit is Taliban, Khomeiniism, terrorism… Only open-minded, tolerating liberals have the right on name-calling.

  12. According to the Jerusalem Post, the child has gained three kilos (from his starting weight of seven kilos) since the mother was prevented from seeing him. This is almost a 50% weight gain.

    Obviously, something was going on. What it was is for the courts to decide.

    And don’t be so quick to be happy. A) It takes more than one session for a reputable psychiatrist to make a diagnosis, especially when there are legal issues involved and the syndrome is a rare one.

    b) If she’s found to be healthy, she then goes on trial for child abuse, with a possible jail sentence attached. So I’m rooting for the mental health diagnosis – it would be a lot easier for the family to accept, and would not involve legal punishment.

    BTW: Shmuel is right about the blood libel business. It’s appalling that anyone would use that term in this situation. The pogroms were not comparable to the Israeli police. I knew people who survived pogroms, hiding in the cellar so the mob wouldn’t beat or kill them. Let’s stop the PR dramatizing – it’s an insult to the people who really suffered these things.

  13. Another BTW:

    I knew a number of people who had survived Auschwitz, and others who had survived different death camps or were in hiding. Some of them still had the numbers on their arms.

    I never, ever heard one of them refer to another Jew, frum, Zionist, or otherwise, as a “Nazi.” As for Mengele, y’mach sho, they had faced him on the platform, and seen their loved ones die when he moved his hand the wrong way. They never called another Jew “Mengele” either.

    We have forgotten what true evil is.

  14. I’m a bit confused by all of you saying she’ll stand trial for abuse because the child weighed so little. The child seems to have had some confusing medical problem, with many treatments and chemo. Why would the mother be guilty as she wasn’t determining the course of treatment. From what I’ve read he’s been hospitalized for the last 7 months – not under the mother’s care at home. Surely the hospital diagnosis and treatment is the cause of the low weight – if they’ve reversed their attitude as to how to treat the child and are suddenly giving him a lot of food, they’d be the first to be questioned not the mother.

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