Psychologist: Today, January 17, Saddest Day Of The Year

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depressed1While some may disagree, one British psychologist theorizes that today, January 17, is the most depressing day of the year. Psychologist Cliff Arnall has developed a complicated equation on happiness, and contends that the combination of dreary weather, debt and broken New Year’s resolutions add up to make the third Monday of January the saddest day of 2011.The day has been deemed “Blue Monday,” and was a Twitter trending topic Monday morning.

By a similar equation, the same psychologist finds June 17th will be the happiest day of the year.

You tell us – do you agree?

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  1. I sure hope the folks reading don’t make their New Year’s resolutions on Jan. 1! The 17th day after Rosh Hashana is on chol hamoed Succos, z’man simchaseinu – a far cry from the bluest day of the year. This is not an appropriate piece for your target audience. The happiest days of our year are the Yomim tovim, not June 17th.

  2. absolutely disagree

    when a person has the proper Bitachon & emuna (faith & trust) in Hashem everyday is a happy day. for nothing in the world wil affect such a person. as it says in Pirkei avos: the good & bad is all for the good.

    All a person needs to do is have the proper Bitachon & emuna in Hashem & then everything in life works out. when a person reaches this level noone & nothing can change him, he is always a happy person. Anything bad (robbery, accident C”V or worse C”V)that happens is accepted with TRUE LOVE of Hashem & does not change him or make him sad. Just like Aharon Hacohen when his two sons died.

    May everyone reach this level soon-with the proper work on yourself & the proper Seforim to learn anyone can reach this level.

  3. Disagree. An Eved Hashem is filled with joy every day of the year no matter what the temperature outside is. This is a goyish study!

  4. tracht gut vet zein gut.
    when a person feels sadness, he needs to think about HaShem, and His world, and learn Torah and connect with Torah.
    Who is this psychologist anyway?He sits on the same seats on the subway, drinks the same water, has one birthday a year, and is just a human being struggling to cope with the world one moment at a time just like veryone else. The only difference is that he wrote some articles about depression and then everyone jumps.
    Torah is the ultimate emes. Help another yid like the Torah says. My friend always told that to her kids, and it was the best tonic.
    Do a chesed, wipe away depression. When you work on tikkun olam, you feel better, you can’t help it, because its a cosmic connection.


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