Public Yom Kippur Kotton and Shofar Blasts in Rosh Ha’ayin to Protest Offensive Event


rosh-haayinChareidim and traditionalists in Rosh Ha’ayin are fortifying their stiff campaign after the municipality refused to honor a demand by rabbonim to cancel a distasteful event.

During a meeting held at the home of the rov of the city, Rav Azariya Basis, rabbonim from every neighborhood and kehilloh decided to organize a protest rally, which was held on Wednesday, Erev Rosh Chodesh, including Tefillas Yom Kippur Kotton and teki’as shofar, to demonstrate against the insult to the honor of Torah.

The town’s Torah-true and traditionalist sectors have been up in arms ever since City Hall publicized a plan to set up an artificial beach for an event scheduled to continue until 2  am, with flagrant disregard for modesty standards. The program schedule even includes various events rooted in idolatrous cults, r”l.

{LS Wasserman-Deiah veDibur/ Newscenter}


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