Putin Ordered To Shoot Down A Passenger Plane — But Quickly Called It Off


Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a passenger plane be shot down in 2014 after officials said a man onboard had a bomb and was targeting the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi but pulled back minutes later after learning it was a false alarm, according to a report on Sunday.


The pilots of a Turkish Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 — with 110 passengers — flying from Ukraine to Istanbul reported that a man had a bomb and that the plane changed course to Sochi, where more than 40,000 had gathered at the stadium to watch the ceremony.

Putin consulted with his security officers and was told the emergency plan for that situation called for the plane to be shot down. Officials then informed him that the passenger was drunk — it was a false alarm — and the plane would continue its journey to Turkey.

Read more at NY POST.



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