Qatar Hires Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft For ‘Crisis Response’

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Qatar has hired John Ashcroft, the former attorney general under President George W. Bush who oversaw the War on Terror’s legal proceedings.

The decision to hire of Ashcroft, who also previously served as a Missouri senator, comes after the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and several other Mid-East states accused Qatar of supporting terrorist efforts in the region.

President Trump escalated the Qatari government’s diplomatic crisis by also accusing it of funding terrorist organizations that aimed to destabilize the region.

Ashcroft will take the lead on the efforts, and the law firm will receive $2.5 million as a “flat fee” for the first 90 days of covering expenses, as well as to make the project a “top priority.” Read more at The Hill.



  1. John Ashcroft?! Are you serious?! He’s still alive? $2.5 million dollar consultation fee? I’m in the wrong business. Qatarians are really messed up. They had to go dig up some old washed up Bush appointee?


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