R’ Avrohom Abba Cohen z”l

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It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the passing of R’ Avrohom Abba Cohen z”l of Lakewood. He was 32 years old.

R’ Avrohom Abba battled illness for a protracted period of time with great gevurah and emunah, inspiring all who knew him.

As a bochur, R’ Avrohom Abba was a talmid of Rav Mendel Slomovits’ Yeshiva Toras Chaim of Lakewood and Yeshiva Heichal Hatorah under Rav Mordechai Dick.

He married his wife, Leah, a daughter of Rabbi Mendel Kanarek of Yeshiva Ohr Hameir of Peekskill.

R’ Avrohom Abba resided on Natures Way in Lakewood, a beloved member of the Ocean Pointe kehillah, where he was known for his ever-present smile and good cheer, his chashivus haTorah, and kavod hatefillah, and his continued aliyah in Torah and avodas Hashem.

R’ Avrohom Abba is survived by his parents and siblings, his wife, Mrs. Leah Cohen, and their son.

The levayah is being held at the Congregation Sons of Israel Holocaust Memorial Chapel, located at 613 Ramsey Street, in Lakewood, NJ, followed by kevurah at the adjacent bais hachaim.

The family will be sitting shivah at 8 Natures Way in Lakewood, NJ.

Yehi zichro boruch.




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