R’ Nachman Caller: A Plan Not To Have A Plan Is Not A Plan


nachman-callerOn Wednesday, Assemblyman Dov Hikind offered a plan to solve the housing crisis: give up hope, don’t seek solutions, just live with it and allow your kids to move away from this community.

In an interview with a major Hebrew publication, Mr. Hikind was quoted as saying, “There won’t be 2,000 or 10,000 housing units, simply because we can’t build… if I could’ve helped people build apartments I would have done it a long time ago… we just can’t build more housing… More housing will not happen.”

Instead of giving up, State Assembly candidate R’ Nachman Caller released a plan that would solve the housing crisis in our community, bring an end to the arguments of the past, and kick off a new era of developments in our community in Borough Park and Flatbush.

“Our community is suffering from a housing crisis. A plan NOT to have a plan is not a plan. We need to do everything possible to offer a bold solution,” said State Assembly candidate R’ Nachman Caller.

Added R’ Nachman Caller, “Our plan is not just a dream, it’s a vision; it’s a proposal that will allow us to build affordable and market rate housing in the community in a short period of time. Our plan is about offering hope to the families who are struggling and to the working class who are paying their fair share to society but are not getting anything in return. Let’s not give up hope. Let’s not give in to the cynics and to those that have no led. Let’s shape the future and the future of our children and generations to come.”

The ‘My plan’ booklet that is being distributed in the district, has first and foremost brought awareness to a crisis that existed for years but was never coherently addressed . The plan contains an illustration that shows how one of the areas of focus consists of five to six full square blocks covering the railroad that is located on 61st and 62nd Streets, running between 8th and 13th Avenues. The area covered by the railroad is controlled by the MTA. Under the plan, the community would purchase the air rights above the railroad and build platforms to hold the newly constructed buildings.

Download ‘My Plan’ athttp://caller2014.com

“This Borough Park rail yard housing plan is the best and most thoughtful I have seen since I have been in office. The MTA has assured me that the plan can work, and with the support of our elected officials, the MTA will move forward to allow bidding on the rights to develop on top of the rail yards.” (Councilman David Greenfield – 10-30-14)

R’ Nachman Caller is running on the Republican Party line and on the ‘Housing and Jobs’ Party line in the 48th Assembly District, which includes the neighborhoods of Borough Park and Midwood

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Move to Scranton PA and leave NY alone! Cheap housing nice community beautiful surroundings….no traffic jams and best of all…it has ME!

  2. Air rights are owned by the owner of the land. If the railroad still owns right of way then they do and sell could be expensive

  3. Rabbi Avraham Goldstein is correct.scranton is beautiful. My zaide was born there in the 1880s.however I live in crowded b.p. But whenever I visit it is wonderful.

  4. Move out of the jungle called Brooklyn and to fresh air open areas outside of the 5 Boroughs. That is the best plan. Fecch to the quality of “life” in Brooklyn


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