Rav Shmuel Kamenetzky Urges All To Vote For Trump

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HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported Wednesday.

Rav Shmuel voiced his support for the president in an interview with Mishpacha.

Rav Shmuel told the magazine that Trump has done “a good job” and pointed at the “anarchy” and anti-religious sentiments in the US as the reasons to vote for the Republican candidate in the 2020 White House elections.

“God has become a dirty word in much of America, religion and religious institutions are their enemy,” he said, as cited by the JTA.



  1. What sets Matzav apart from the other’s is that there are no negative comments against gedolei yisroel. Riu ma bein bni libein chomi!!

  2. Bensalem Community Kollel is definitely a worthy cause. A very chashuva mosad. I’ve attended their dinners and gave generously. So should you.

  3. Te be accurate he said to vote for him because of how bad things may get if Biden and co win and forhakaros HaTov for the good things Trump did

    He didn’t really ENDORSE Trump in the political sense of being a Trump supporter.

  4. The Rosh Hayeshiva said we owe Trump our vote out of Hakoras Hatov. And yes he endorsed him. He said we must vote for him , Hakoras Hatov requires us to.


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