R’ Yaakov Yitzchok (JJ) Stern z”l

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It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the sudden passing of R’ Yaakov Yitzchok (JJ) Stern z”l of Lakewood.

R’ Yaakov Yitzchok was found shortly before 1 a.m., having apparently collapsed next to his car near his home on North Crest Place in West Gate in Lakewood. Hatzolah was called, but their efforts at resuscitation were to no avail.

R’ Yaakov Yitzchok had been on his way from a meeting in West Gate regarding a chavrusah program.

R’ Yaakov Yitzchok was a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef Mordechai Stern.

He was a beloved friend to so many, a young talmid chochom who endeared himself to all who knew him.

R’ Yaakov Yitzchok distinguished himself already as a bochur when he learned at Yeshiva Gedolah of Passaic, NJ, under Rav Rav Meir Stern. He then joined Yeshivas Shaar Hatalmud, under Rav Nechemya Kaplan, in Yerushalayim, before becoming a talmid of Beth Medrash Govoah in Lakewood.

He then married his dedicated wife, Chava Esty, nee Orlansky, a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Alter Orlansky of Brooklyn, NY.

R’ Yaakov Yitzchok was a true yorei Shomayim and ben aliyah, whose avodas Hashem was pure and heartfelt, and who, together with his wife, was raising his children b’derech Yisroel saba, with a reinkeit. He was upstanding in every way, spending his time engaged in limud haTorah and possessing sterling middos.

R’ Yitzchok Yosef had a brilliant mind, with yedios on virtually every topic, and a tremendous heart to match.

He leaves behind his wife and six children, and family and friends shocked by his sudden petirah. He was just 37 years old.

The levaya will be held at 9 a.m. at the Congregation Sons of Israel Memorial Chapel, located off of East Seventh Street in Lakewood. Kevurah will follow at the King Solomon Memorial Park Cemetery, located at 550 Dwasline Road in Clifton, NJ.

Yehi zichro boruch.



  1. BDE

    What a tragedy less then 24 hours after a 5 month old baby was niftar in the same town.

    Perhaps its time for klal yisroel international teshuva to bring tazros to an end finally & head towards mashiach

    may both neshamos have an aliya & may both their families have a nechama ASAP.

    • for klal yisroel international teshuva….ok ,as part of kal y., lead the way! tell us what your doing -concrete- as teshuva, and what you suggest….


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