Rabbi Akiva Eiger Schlussel zt”l

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candle-small6Rabbi Akiva Eiger Schlussel zt”l of Los Angeles was nifter yesterday morning. He was 82.

Rabbi Schlussel was born in Munkach; his grandfather, Rav Dovid Schlussel, was the Rosh Av Beis Din of the Minchas Elazar’s Beis Din in Munkach before the war.

R’ Akiva Schlussel was known as a talmid chacham and magid shiur as well as a supporter of many mosdos in Los Angeles and throughout the world. He and his wife, Mrs. Bleema Schlussel a”h, who was niftar in 2004, were well known in Los Angeles as pillars of the frum community since arriving there nearly 50 years ago.

R’ Akiva was the father of R’ Gershon Schlussel and Mrs. Tzippy Perkowski of Los Angeles, and of Mrs. Miryam Rabinowitz of Brooklyn.

The levaya and kevura were held yesterday in Los Angeles. The rabbanim in Los Angeles paskened that as a talmid chacham b’fanav, hespedim should be said despite it being Tu B’Av. Hespedim were said by his son R’ Gershon, his sons-in-law Rabbi Eli Perkowski and Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz, Rabbi Gershon Bess – rov of Kehilas Yaakov, Rabbi Elchonon Tauber – rov of Kahal Bais Yehuda, Rabbi Chaim Fasman – Rosh Kollel of the Kollel of Los Angeles, and by his grandson R’ Chesky Friedman.

His children will be sitting shiva in the niftar’s home in Los Angeles.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. boruch dayan emess
    raavad stands for rosh beis din
    which means senior dayan of the beis din
    av beis din means the rov of the town
    it is a common mistake to decode raavad as rosh av beis din….

  2. can someone confirm this story? many years ago, a man davened in yeshiva torah vodaas for shachris.when the gabai approached him to give him an aliya, the man gave his 1st name as akiva eiger. after davening, he explained his unusual name. the minchas eleuzar was at his bris and when his father gave the name akiva, the minchas eleuzar said that the minhag( in munkatch) is not to name a boy akiva since rebbe akiva was killed al kiddush hashem. the father was asked to choose a different name. after thinking for a while, he said akiva eiger. the minchas eleuzar laughed and said eiger is the last name not a first name. whereas the father replied the gemora (daf yomi just passed it in chulin 47b) says rebbe nusson gave a woman(two different women) advice about giving a bris to her son and he survived even though his two brothers died from their bris. the woman named the child nusson habavli. the father told the minchas eleuzar that habavli was a family last name and yet it became the child’s first name. the minchas eleuzar agreed and the child’s name was akiva eiger. seeing that rabbi schlusssel ztl came from munkatch, is he the person in the story? can anyone confirm?

  3. wilson street: that is my grandfather’s ztl story. R’ Baruch Rabinowitz, his son-in-law, davens regularly in Torah Vodaas, so that most probably was my grandfather.
    his father chose the name Akiva Eiger because we are descendents of R’ Akiva Eiger, who wrote Mishnas D’Rebbe Akiva (the maternal grandfather of the famous R’ Akiva Eiger)

  4. Wilson Street.

    Rabbi Elchonon Tauber has mentioned this at the Levaya, exactly how you put it, I am confirming that this story was about R’ Akiva Eiger Schlussel O”H, Rabbi Schlussel has told this story to Rabbi Tauber.

  5. I heard from Rabbi schlussel z”l that the minchas eluzer told his father at the bris not to name only akiva but to add Eiger and that it isnt a last name

  6. I read with great interest, the message from “wilson street”. By my bris [81 years ago]my father Eliyhu Gordon,s father, Shmuel Moshe Gordon suggested that my name be Akiva Eiger. We were never able to find out why. In the S’chus of the naming, I am the only shombre shabbos member of my family and are zoichar to three generations of frum decendents. If anyone has an information, it would be greatly appreciated, and a special s’chus for the nifter.

  7. I beleive his story goes that by his bris his father told the person naming the child that he wants his son to be named after R’Akiva Eiger,intending only for the name Akiva, being that he is a decendant of R’Akiva Eiger.The person naming it mistakingly said Akiva Eiger.I never heard the part with the Minchas Eluzer or the Gemara in Chullin with this person.He was a holocaust survivor.He was a great Talmid Chacham,educated many people,and supported Torah institutions throughout his lifetime.

  8. @#4 wilson st: I confirm the story. I’m his grandson, currently at his home in LA, son of Miryam Rabinowitz nee Schlussel.

  9. The Wolf – while the story you mention is certainly interesting, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt of the veracity of our version of events, as related accurately by wilson street in #4. Our Grandfather retold this story to us numerous times, and seeing as he heard it directly from his father who was present at the bris, it is safe to assume its authenticity. (Perhaps you are referring to #10)

    Schlussel Grandson – next time we meet in LA, it should be only for simchos

  10. R Akiva was a huge part of our lives which we won’t have now. We will all miss him terribly.
    may we only share in simchos!


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