“Rabbi, Can I Pray for Kobe Bryant?” – Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Mintz


In light of the recent passing of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, adults and children alike wondered: Can we pray in Bryant’s memory? Should we memorialize Bryant or is this something we should stay away from?

Hear from Rabbi Chaim Mintz as he addresses this child’s question last week at Ask the Rabbi Live at Torah Spot in Staten Island.



  1. The Rabbi answered correctly, if you want to pray, pray, but there’s no mitzvah or anything.

    When we pray for a Jew who died, we pray that his soul, his Nefesh Elokis, have an aliyah, the soul should get elevated. Non-Jews do not have such souls that can have an aliyah, so it’s basically a tefillas shav, a wasted prayer.


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