Rabbi Yair Hoffman interviews Rabbi Dovid Greenblatt On New Five Towns Wedding Hall

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chupahYH: I understand that you are working on a new venue for weddings in this neighborhood. Can you tell us about it?
Rabbi Dovid Greenblatt:
Well, until now, our community did not have many affordable, local alternatives for someone wishing to make a wedding or other type of simcha for a large number of people. Many of our residents had to make simchos in Brooklyn, which required their guests drive up to an hour each way. I worked to open up a local venue that I hope will become very popular and that would also help support the Be’er Miriam Hachnosas Kallah Fund.

YH: Where is this new venue? And who is the caterer?
It is at the Sand of Atlantic Beach. The catering is done by Catering by Michael Schick. Michael is well-respected for his tasty food, his attractive food presentation and for his stringent kashrus.

YH: Why is your offering different than any wedding at the Sands?
Both Michael and the Sands have come together to make an affordable offering that would also help our Tzedaka. This special arrangement offers a $49 per person, all-inclusive price.

YH: What do you get for the 49 dollars?
You get a hot or cold smorgasbord and a full three course wedding dinner – the same menu, courses and selections you would get in any of the popular halls in Brooklyn. The price includes everything except liquor, sales tax, and mashgiach fees.

YH: You said that a portion of the proceeds help the Be’er Miriam Hachnosas Kallah Fund. What is the BMHK Fund?
Be’er Miriam is named after Miriam Tziporah Adams a”h who was a student at TAG in Far Rockaway and a role model of a young lady from a fine family in our neighborhood. Now, through the fund named in her memory, hundreds of Kallahs have gotten financial help to help pay for their weddings.

YH: How exactly does this wedding package offering help the Be’er Miriam Hachnosas Kallah Fund?
Ten percent of all proceeds is given to the Be’er Miriam Hachnosas Kallah Fund. In addition, all of the vendors that will be part of the wedding have agreed to give affordable offerings to the customers and to also contribute ten percent to Be’er Miriam.

YH: Who are the photographers?
So far, Three Star, Jerry Meyer Studio, Judah Harris and Ira Thomas have committed to be part of our offering.

YH: Who are the bands?
The popular Nafsheinu, Negina, and Neshoma Orchestras are participating.

YH: When is this effective as of?
Immediately. And you can book any night provided it is available by calling Catering by Michael Schick at (718) 257-8837. Just ask for Miriam.

YH: Do you have any bookings yet?
Yes, we received over twenty calls and we have already received our first bookings!

YH: What other chesed projects are you working on?
I am working on another venue for extremely affordable weddings for those  who may not be in a position to make weddings elsewhere. We have many other chesed projects in the works also. In January, we will host our third Shabbos getaway for two hundred divorced mothers at the Hudson Valley Resort.

YH: Any parting words?
As a community we need to address the full gamut of chesed needs. We feel that to have more affordable wedding alternatives is something that is necessary and makes a lot of sense. ♦

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  1. Wow? What a chesed. Only $100.00 a couple (before tax and any other services). I can’t wait until I have paid off all my tuition and debts so I too can afford this chesed!

  2. In Baltimore,you can have a wedding for 320 guests including hall and a full meal for $10,500 at Congregation Shomrei Emunah. This enables people to avoid making everyone drive to Lakewood. Before this program we had situations where 2 local families would still make the wedding in Lakewood to save a lot of money. Of course, I also went to a New York wedding last week that cost $300 a plate according to the father of the bride.To each his own.

  3. It IS a lot, but how inclusive is the all inclusive? Does it include hashgacha, the cost of the hall, and a lot of add-ins? This might be better than it sounds. (I hope so!) Kol hakavod, and may many people be able to use it soon, besimcha u’veravach.

  4. The cost is a bit nifty, cant we revise the old $65-$72 a couple prices..
    The Sands is a beautiful venue and has been UNDERused by the Long Island community due to high prices. Love the parking option there.

  5. It is great for a low cost fancy affair. In Boro park and in Williamsburgh there are still places who have options of less than 50 dollars A COUPLE and some at less than 80. They are not as nice as the Sands, but at the end of the night the couple is married and people are fed and hopefully enjoyed a Simcha filled evening. Imagine if a person who could afford the $100 per couple at the Sands would make it at Ateres Shlomo,Vayoel Moshe, or for 75-80 a couple at Chynka and donate the rest to Tzedakah…….. thats a lot more than 10 percent thathe Tzedakah gets now. BUt I guess 100 at teh Sands is better than 180 at the Sands!!
    Tizku L’Mitzvos Rabbi Greenblatt!!
    The Rabbaim

  6. I would not pick the Sands at Atlantic Beach for Tznius reasons.

    I have been there for a wedding in the Spring / Early Summer, and there were people walking around in bathing suits, because it is also a Club.

  7. I got married a month ago in Brooklyn. It was $35 a couple. It was the most amazing, beautiful, gorgeouse wedding ever!!!!! It was Tiferes Mordechai. The hall is a wow and the food was deliciouse. I had about 400 people and there was still so much room. Everyone had a great time and it was afordable. I appreciate what Rabbi Greenblatt is doing but when I called the Sands to ask about this package, they made it sound minimal and cheap. But with the manager at Tiferes Mordechai, I felt like a Queen. Yes, it is a shlep to Baro Park but sometimes its worth it just to use their magical hall.


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