Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld On the Women of the Wall

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  1. I think we need to stop focusing on the select few who made some noise by the protest.The ultimate purpose was for thousands of girls to come together,and in a beautiful quiet fashion daven and protest. That was achieved. The secular media will write about us anything they want regardless if we only made a kidush hashem. Let us focus On the true good that was done and leave the negative focus to the people that will find it anyways.
    Be proud of what klal yisroel accomplished by listening to our gedolim,and having a huge turnout of tznius fine girls coming together leshaim shamayim.

  2. My seminary daughter barely slept that night since she got up early in the morning to heed Rav Shteinman’s words. She was so proud to listen to daas Torah and that’s what she did, peacefully and happily. She davened and minded her own business.
    Yes many did make a kiddush Hashem and the media will never be happy with that. They look for the fight and thrive on it!


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