Rabbi Apologizes for Video After Matzav Story Sparks Firestorm

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rabbi yosef mizrachiThe following was sent to Matzav.com as part of a longer correspondence with the rabbi on this matter (see original Matzav.com story here):

I wish to apologize for my incorrect statement regarding the six million kedoshim who were tragically murdered in the Holocaust.

In the video that was shown that was from years ago (it was not current), only part of what I said was displayed in the entire lecture that was two hours long. I said, “I don’t know,” and I said, “Maybe 5, maybe 3, maybe 1 million, we will never know.”

But now, I have been shown the accurate statistics and I realize that those who were not halachically Jewish were a very small, minimal number.

I do not wish to offend any of the Holocaust survivors or their family members. That has never ever been my intention.

The kedoshim of the Holocaust need to be remembered and sanctified in the most honorable way possible. Those who know my lectures over the years know that I published many stories of kiddush Hashem from the Holocaust.

My goal was to wake up our nation to the silent holocaust that is happening now, which is the increasing intermarriage cases in the USA and the rest of the world.

Yosef Mizrachi

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  1. Kol HaKavod!!!
    I know the Rabbi personally.
    He is a true Tzaddik in our time.
    He is truly humble and a real inspiration to
    all that know him.
    Meet him and you will immediately see an Eved Hashem.

  2. We all know exactly what you said and what you meant. You used the Holocaust and the memory of the Six Million Kedoshim for base sensationalism so that you would get more attention. Your feeble apology does not beg forgiveness from the Six Million Kedoshim. You apologize only because you’re getting negative publicity. Had you gone to Auschwitz and laid down in front of the crematoria for days, cried tears, then, maybe, that would have been and indication that you are remorseful. These meager poor words that you call an apology is just another indication that you are no more than an empty self-promoter. If you disappear immediately, it will have been soon enough.

  3. To comment #2:

    You are a little weasel for speaking Motzie shem rah behind some anonymous name. If you are so sure of yourself, why don’t you post your real name and phone #?! You are a little coward! You will burn in Gehhenom for speaking badly about a chashuveh Yid, even after he apologized! You are the typical OTD dreck that hates everything Torahdik. Shame on you, you lowlife!

  4. At times well-meaning people might inadvertently convey inaccurate information and these words can hurt people. That is what happened here. Lesson learned. And we must use seichel before saying things.

  5. TO JJ:
    Rabbi Mizrachi was born in 1968 in Israel. After his mandatory military service in the Israel Defense Forces he worked in finance in New York City. In 1997, Mizrachi left his professional career and devoted his life to first learning and eventually teaching Torah in a yeshivah in Monsey, New York. Rabbi Mizrachi taught at Yeshivat Ohr Yisrael in Monsey for a number of years. In 2004 he launched the “DivineInformation.com” website posting many of his video and audio lectures.

  6. Kudos to Rabbi Mizrachi for admitting his mistake.

    We need to realize that he is from a different background than us, being Sephardi. Since Sephardim were less affected by the holocaust he knows less about it than others, which needs to be taken into account here.

  7. Jews killed in each country during the Holocaust:

    Austria 50,000 — 27.0%
    Italy 7,680 — 17.3%
    Belgium 28,900 — 44.0%
    Latvia 71,500 — 78.1%
    Bohemia/Moravia 78,150 — 66.1%
    Lithuania 143,000 — 85.1%
    Bulgaria 0 — 0.0%
    Luxembourg 1,950 — 55.7%
    Denmark 60 — 0.7%
    Netherlands 100,000 — 71.4%
    Estonia 2,000 — 44.4%
    Norway 762 — 44.8%
    Finland 7 — 0.3%
    Poland 3,000,000 — 90.9%
    France 77,320 — 22.1%
    Romania 287,000 — 47.1%
    Germany 141,500 — 25.0%
    Slovakia 71,000 — 79.8%
    Greece 67,000 — 86.6%
    Soviet Union 1,100,000 — 36.4%
    Hungary 569,000 — 69.0%
    Yugoslavia 63,300 — 81.2

  8. How many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust?
    While it is impossible to ascertain the exact number of Jewish victims, statistics indicate that the total was over 5,830,000. Six million is the round figure accepted by most authorities.

    How many children were murdered during the Holocaust?

    The number of children killed during the Holocaust is not fathomable and full statistics for the tragic fate of children who died will never be known. Some estimates range as high as 1.5 million murdered children. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children and thousands of institutionalized handicapped children who were murdered under Nazi rule in Germany and occupied Europe.

  9. Not good enough. He makes lots of unacceptable statements which may work for the crowds he is speaking to, but one should never dilute or exaggerate matters to make a point.

  10. “Inciter” – you chose an appropriate name for yourself, do us all a favor and keep your ‘incite’ful comments to yourself…

  11. The Chofeitz Chayim says: “Through the Loshon Hora one speaks, one loses the little Torah one has [acquired]” (Shmiras HaLoshon, Sha’ar HaZechirah, chapter 7). In addition, “…A person can complete all six orders of the Mishnah, as well as the entire Talmud, many times over. However if his mouth is always open [i.e. speaking Loshon Hora or Rechilus]… he will not find a single Gemara remaining to protect him in the World to Come…” (Shemiras HaLoshon, volume II, chapter 26). For The Zohar informs us, “One who is guilty of speaking Loshon Hora, his tefillos do not appear before the Holy One…” (Parshas Metzorah, volume III 53a, Targum). Hence, for this reason alone at the end of Shemonah Esrei, it is crucial to say the following words with intense concentration “Guard my tongue from evil… Otherwise, a person’s Torah is considered worthless.” (Shemiras HaLoshon, volume II, chapter 1 in a hagahah)

  12. When you think about Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Tremblinka, all in Poland, you know that well oevr a million were killed in just one of them!!! All Jews! rEAL jEWS!

  13. He deserves credit for admitting he made a mistake. What about the controversial Rabbi$ whom Matzav supports?

  14. I studied the Holocaust for years. The accurate number is 5,860,000 Jewish people killed during the Holocaust

  15. The fault here belongs squarely with Matzav.com, which published the video int eh first place. And then all the media found out about it. If Matzav would not have reported it, no one would have known about it and the whole thing would not be a tumult. SO MATZAV, YOU ARE AT FAULt HERE. IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF MATZAV.

  16. “I do not wish to offend any of the Holocaust survivors or their family members. That has never ever been my intention.”
    Then what was the purpose of the statement?

  17. I believe that the number is larger than 6 million.
    the goyim made it lower to minimize the carnage.
    it is more like 9 million, 800 thousand

  18. For what it’s worth. Instead of commenting about someone you know nothing about. Take the time to listen to his message. Many people are drawn to his message to do teshuva. He’s speaking tonight in Lakewood at 8pm at Washington square 419 cedarbridge. He is truly inspiring. And very one is entitled to make mistakes.

  19. Reply to # 17, the intention of his statement was to let everybody know about the rampant assimilation of that time. He also wanted to acknowledge the “spiritual holocaust ” that is occurring in America. Today. R”l . I think that everybody misunderstood his point and message ; he is a great Rabbi and this is pure lashon Hara ; assur to believe. Ask him mechila

  20. It is unacceptable to praise this man as a tzaddik. His recanted retribution for his crime is not the righteous act but the result of popular trust and contention. He should fast daven vigorously and improve his charity. G-d is not the easy to please by simple retorts of your common good.

    It is equally offensive to see jews praise him for his recant as I read. His damage is great and his callous worded complaint still with Israel.

    Much more attention is needed. This is a cry to the idea that there is and kedusha in this world and we are sitting in awe that an orthodox rabbi could approach the holocaust in any such manner.

    When we see this, we must fear Hashem and call upon him for justice. The wicked and the lazy have done enough damage to our community.

    An act of quick retort is not repentance and this should make this rabbi more cognizant of his own human limited soul.

    This is not Torah and he can not be our guild as a jew if this is in his feelings.

    More concerns for Israel. The holy is holy and the fallen sanity is very frightening.

  21. Both Matzav and R. Mizrachi desrve praise; praise for standing up for what’s right. Matzav helped to point out the mistake; R. Mizrachi has done his best to correct it. Now that R. Mizrachi has admitted his misstatement, he should be treated with utmost respect, and be don lechaf zchus. Shake hands. That’s it. Let’s end it here.

  22. 17…
    Do u know how to read?
    Its a long lecture from awhile ago…not new….and u just picked up a pc of it…read read read…instead of accuse accuse accuse!


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