Rabbis of Yishuvim Earn Just 8 Shekel an Hour

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A Knesset Interior Committee today exposed appalling data that reveals that rabbis of communities and regional councils in Israel receive a paltry salary of NIS 8 an hour.

MK Yaakov Asher decried this fact, inviting members of the Committee to take a tour of the rabbinical courts and see the building maintenance personnel, equipment and furniture there. “In other careers, they would make more money,” he said.

“This treatment of the sacred vessels,” said Asher, “cannot continue. This is hypocrisy of the state.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. The information is sparse. Is that the only salary they get, or are they also teaching full time? And that obviously doesn’t include expenses, allowances, etc.

  2. They get 5,000 shekels a month, which is not much over minimum wage, which is far lower than in the US. It’s also about half of the salary a family of four is assumed to need to live respectfully, and that calculation is made for families who don’t pay s’char limud, buy kosher food, tznius’dik clothing, travel to receive high level chinuch – and that’s only four people! I think it INCLUDES expenses, and what allowances are you talking about? However, the job is basically 24/7 and includes the rebbitzen, who has a full time job here and doesn’t get a penny. The rabbi is also not allowed to work more than TEN hours a week in another (paying) job. As a comparison, when Knesset members were forbidden from holding other jobs, their salaries jumped by many percentage points, and those salaries were far above minimum wage. Unfortunately, this is the situation here and it’s very sad. We’re so used to it we aren’t up in arms about it, we’re resigned to this sin’as amei ha’aretz to talmidei chachomin and shomrei Torah u’mitzvos.


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