Rafting Company To Observe Shabbos

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The Yarden River Rafting company in Israel has decided to stop operating on Shabbos and yom tov. The three brothers who own the company, Uri, Eran and Yaniv Gigi, announced on Facebook that they had concluded “twenty years of productivity and success with the firm decision to stop operating the site on Shabbos and yom tov.” The decision included their rafting operation, other attractions at the site and a restaurant.

“The Shabbos and yom tov business is very intense,” Eran Gigi said. “Every Shabbos and yom tov the site is packed with people. But despite everything, we decided to close on Shabbos. This is certainly not a simple decision but we are determined to keep it. We are confident that with Hashem’s help, following the decision, the chareidi public will come in masses to enjoy themselves and thanks to the increase in the middle of the week, our turnover will not decline. But even taking this into account, Shabbos is above everything.”

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  1. Wait a minute. Their message is a little confusing. On the one hand they are to be commended for keeping the Shabbos. But on the other hand, they seem to be making a business/financial decision. It seems, according to the owners, that if they close on the Shabbos, their profits will increase overall. What kind of cheshbon is that?
    And if it doesn’t? Will they renege on their deal with Hashem?

    • Instead of seeing this as a Kiddush HaShem, you question the motivation of the 3 brothers.
      It is no wonder why the Chilonim in Eretz Yisroel have such animosity towards Haredim.

      • garnet – why do you assume hes in e. yisrael????? dont even assume he’s real chareidy!
        but most imprtoant is that you write “no wonder….” so , because of one immature etc. comment, you blast at all chareidim in ey?!?!?!?!?!!!

    • halevay YOU should do everything only lisheim shamaim.
      closing shelo lishma is ofcourse better than not closing on shabbat at all!!!!
      btw i wonder how old/ young you are?

  2. stop the skeptisism!! they are amazing! kol hakavod to the gigi brothers!! they hope to increase their revenue, but they specifically stated shabbos is above everything!! Hashem will help them with their fantastic undertaking!!!

  3. I don’t know how matzav allows such hurtful comments to be publicly posted.
    Halachicly there is a din vecheshbon of all the lashing hara and chilul hashem thats gets reacted to through this site. An idea would be to to have news without posts,or posts that aren’t asur lehalacha.


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