Ramapo Frum Jewish Female Cop Files Discrimination Claim


monsey-yiddenThe Journal News reports: Baile Glauber told The Journal News minutes after graduating from the Rockland Police Academy in June 2008 that she was “excited” about starting her career as a Ramapo police officer. Glauber declined at the time to discuss her life even though she became a feel-good story because she grew up in the Satmar community.

Times have changed since graduation.

Glauber, 31, a divorced mother with a son, has filed a discrimination complaint against the Ramapo Police Department and town, contending she has been mistreated because of her religious beliefs since her opening interview for the nomination in February 2008, before the Police Academy training.

Ramapo strongly disputes her allegations and will file a response by Sept. 3 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Town Attorney Michael Klein told me today.

Her EEOC complaint is the mandated percursor to a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Klein said he hopes Glauber can settle her issues out of court with the town. But he said Ramapo isn’t backing down that the department followed the laws and accommodated her religious beliefs, including Sabbath days off and an opportunity to get Yomim Tovim off.

Glauber contends her religious beliefs were the focus of discussions since she interviewed with police brass for a job in January 2008. She included Chief Peter Brower.

“I was interviewed for approximately one and one-half hours, during which time I was repeatedly questioned about little else other than how my religious background and my religious observance would affect my ability to perform my job as a police officer,” Glauber wrote in the complaint.

She said officers shunned her, as part of a campaign of harassment and discrimination. One officer, she wrote, told her she’ll never be part of the police family. Another officer, she said, wished her good luck but didn’t think she could cut it as a cop. She contends her colleagues didn’t think she could handle being an officer because of her cluster raising as a Satmar chassidishe Jew, and her lack of life experience outside the religious community.

Glauber has not done much police work as she has yet to complete her field training to ride solo as an officer and her probation – and future as an officer – comes up for review in February.

She injured her ankle in the Police Academy, took time off from the physical training and came back to pass the physical regiment.

She’s been on desk duty for months with an ankle and non-work-related injury, while she has seen doctors.

{The Journal News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. And causing tremendous pain and shame for her parents and family. BTW what does matis need a heter for? If you think this is lashon hara, check it out in Chafetz Chaim.

  2. welfare rebbe – i don’t think it’s assur to ask if something is assur or not. Saying things about people is assur, or saying that she’s doing X avera is assur. I’m dan lechaf zchus – who knows? maybe she doesnt wear pants for all I know, and maybe she doesn’t carry a gun; I’m actually assuming she isn’t – but pashtus, the shulchan aruch says women may not carry guns – pashut. The poskim all agree as well that a split between the knees is pritzus and assur – this makes pants assur too, even if you hold they’re no longer ‘beged ish’. If you can show me where it says this, that you cannot say something might be assur if all policeman are required to wear a uniform and cary guns, and I ask what the heter for this is, that this is lashon hora, please do – dont hold your breath though.


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