Rare Einstein Letter Thanking American Who Helped Jews Escape Holocaust Emerges In Chicago


A rare letter written by Albert Einstein in 1939 as a ‘thank you’ to a man who helped Jews to escape from Nazi Germany has emerged in Chicago. The document is one of just three such letters known to historians.

The recipient of the letter was a New York financier called David Finck who sponsored the journeys of a number of people from the Jewish community as they fled to the U.S. from Germany.

Einstein and Finck never met, but the great physicist became aware of the banker through his charitable deeds. “May I offer my sincere congratulations to you on the splendid work you have undertaken on behalf of the refugees,” Einstein wrote in the letter. Read more at NEWSWEEK.




  1. Pretty smart guy. Bold big but always sad in appearance. The greatest of minds but did he strongly miss yiddishkeit? The reform and secular jews were so prominent that few chassidic impressions must have fallen.

    History requires the best to beard. Would that cause me sadness? Totally. Think full yiddishkeit. The king rewards.


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