Rashida Tlaib Invites Politicians To Join Her For A Congressional Visit To The West Bank


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., has set the dates for her congressional visit to the West Bank from August 17 through the 22nd.

Tlaib, a Palestinian American, proposed the trip last year after she was elected to Congress for the first time as a counterbalance to Israel trips organized by the American Israel Education Foundation, an affiliate of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

In a the flier distributed by Tlaib, the Congresswoman invites other politicians to join her on her trip, which is being sponsored by the Humpty Dumpty Institute.


Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Let this hypocrite go to Gaza and show them how the peaceful Arabs destroyed a land with their rocket attacks. Let this hypocrite go to Hebron where the houses have 3 car garages on the road to Rochel’s kever. Let Hoffman lead her tour. Then the hypocrites will be exposed for what they are.

  2. With Jews like Nadler, Schiff, Engel, Lowy, Sanders and Feinstein you don’t need anti-semites Tlaib and Omar.

  3. funny how she is palestinian, but she was born in Detroit; linda sarsour- also a palestinian who was born in brooklyn…if i am correct then that would make them, ummm, american?


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