Rashida Tlaib To Wear Palestinian Gown When She’s Sworn Into Congress

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Rep.-elect Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) announced she plans to wear a traditional Palestinian gown when she is sworn into Congress next month.

She made the announcement in a post on Instagram featuring a photo of the thobe on Friday.

“Sneak peek: This is what I am wearing when I am sworn into Congress,” Tlaib captioned the photo, in addition to the hashtags #PalestinianThobe and #ForMyYama — which means mother in Arabic.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. If its not a pants suit, I think we are ok. Maybe she has a proper dress for a lady. Any ethnicity.

    Smart. Hillary are you done yet?

  2. We should all learn from her and become even prouder of our own heritage. One can only wish the liberals who voted her into office would think a moment about it, and compare about how they feel embarrassed by their own heritage instead.

  3. “traditional Palestinian gown”

    Just wondering how far back Palestinian “tradition” goes. My guess is about 70 years.

    What a sham!

    • Palestinian tradition? Palestine was recognized by the NY Times and the leftists in 1967 after Yousir Arafot took leave of Egypt (forcefully and violently) and then was further removed from Jordan (forcefully and violently). Here’s a quiz, name the Palestinian President after the democratic elections in 1948?

    • 3 palestinian women were showing each other photos of their children when one woman sighed and said “They blow up so quickly!”

  4. If she frequently dresses that way then there is no issue with her doing so while being sworn in.

    If she rarely dresses that way and is only doing so when she is being sworn in to make a point then it doesn’t speak well of her.

    I want to see all those who accuse Jews of having dual loyalties make that accusation about her too. (but of course, I know that they won’t)

  5. But Jew boy Adam Schiff doesn’t care. He’s only tough against a sitting President, but against a Palestinian who actually hates his guts and would kill him if she had a chance, he bends over backwards for. What a coward.


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