Rav Chaim Calls For Tefillos Across Eretz Yisroel To Protest Eurovision Chillul Shabbos

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An atzeres tefilla took place in Eretz Yisroel yesterday at the behest of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, who called for a strengthening of tefillos and shmiras Shabbos to protest the international Eurovison contest taking place in Tel Aviv this weekend.

Eurovision organizers were set “to be mechallel Shabbos kodesh b’rabim b’farhesia, Rachman litzlan,” Rav Chaim wrote in a letter that was endorsed by Rav Gershon Edelstein as well.

Rav Chaim called on the tzibbur to gather in shuls on Thursday night at chatzos to be mispallel that the chillul Shabbos should not continue. Rav Chaim also called for a chizuk in shmiras Shabbos to be a kapara.

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  1. Can someone explain to me what the problem is? At least according to most officials involved, the government has zero to do it, foreign organizations are doing the work, most of it is done by goyim (Jews are not advertising they are officially doing the work). Sure its bad that jews are being mechallel shabbos but its no different than any other shabbos…

    • Shabbos is a symbol of brios haolam and of the existance of the eibishter. This contest and it’s preparation etc is broadcast to the world. Therefore the Chillol Shabbos is broadcast to the world – the exact opposite of the purpose of Shabbos.

  2. Yes but jews arent really publicly involved in it and its assur for non-jews to keep shabbos henceforth not chillul shabbos so I do not follow your argument.

  3. By showing the whole world in a completely wrong way that even in israel where they though that was a holly place there is those stuff ends ruining a lot of things.. when we dont do havdala…


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