Rav Chaim Kanievsky: French Jews Should Not Make Aliyah Unless They Have Chinuch Arrangements

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Rav Chaim Kanievsky has issued a ruling that French Jews should not immigrate to Israel before they have arranged proper religious education for their children.

The ruling comes in light of the fact that the Jewish Agency, which is working to bring French Jews to Israel, directs families to educational options that are not of a religious nature. Many families have been tempted to come to Israel without ensuring that their children will have a quality religious education as they had in France.

At a meeting with community representatives, Rav Chaim shared words of encouragement to askanim to work with all their might on this important issue, helping French Jews maintain their religiosity upon immigrating to Eretz Hakedoshah.

These days, events are held in various cities in France to direct French Jews considering a move to Israel. The events provide information about schools to register their children in and information about employment opportunities.

There has been a marked upsurge in the number of Jews from France immigrating to Israel as a result of terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere in Europe.

Among those involved in helping French Jews immigrate to Israel while also maintaining their religiosity is the Kaliver Rebbe of America, who sent a group of activists led by his son, Rav Yissochor Dov Taub, to help the Yidden of France in this regard.

The Rebbe instructed the group to explain to the French Jews about the need to live a life of Torah and for them to think carefully before rushing to leave France without a plan for their respective families.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Shuvu has added special French speaking staff to several of their schools in Israel to be able to provide an excellent religious as well as secular education for traditional or nonreligious French olim children

  2. I do not understand this. A far higher proportion of Jews in France are religious than in either Israel or the US. The country has over 700 Jewish schools and no Jewish child is denied a Jewish education for financial reasons as the government contributes very generously to those schools, which provide excellent Torah and secular education. (By comparison, the US, with ten times as many Jews, has only about 900 Jewish schools and the government barely contributes at all, making the cost of Jewish education prohibitively expensive to far too many Jews.) The French Jews might be able to teach the rest of us how to run Jewish education.

  3. Perhaps what should be addressed is the snobbery of some school administrators towards some yiden whose grandparents just happened to be exiled in a different geographical location from the administrator’s grandparents. It may be one of the most idiotic things in the world; enough sinas chinom to ensure the churban habais in our days.


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