Rav Chaim Kanievsky: Remez for Moshiach in this Week’s Parsha

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rav-chaim-kanievskyThe Gemara (Avoda Zara 9a) says that the world will exist is for six thousand years. The first two thousand were empty before the Torah was given, the second two thousand are for Torah, and the last two thousand arefor Moshiach. The Gemara then says that Moshiach should have come, but we are wasting time because of our aveiros.

When did these two thousand years begin? They began 172 years after the Churban Bais HaMikdash. Rav Chaim Kanievsky says that we see a remez for this in Parshas Eikev. “Vehaya eikeiv tishmi’um.” The letters of Eikev have the numerical value of 172. The Torah tells us that if we listen to the Torah and do the mitzvos, all of Hashem’s goodness will be bestowed upon us 172 years after theChurban.

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  1. To #1 – Aryeh Zelasko,

    What went wrong? What is wrong?

    We were too busy making money and didn’t care about what went on around us. We lived (live) in our puny little world and think that the whole world is right here. We heard Nishma but didn’t hear Na’aseh or are just too busy learning to actually put our learning to good use except for our own personal use. We can spend up to $1000 on the best Esrig (for Kuvid)but we are blind to our neighbors who have not what to eat. Yes there are poor Yidden all around us who barely have enough to feed their kids on a regular basis even with the WIC and food stamps. We fill our boach (stomach) with all the delicacies as we hand a quarter or even a dollar to a beggar, if that. We spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to a resort on Pesach when there are those who spend their last pennies on shmira matzohs. I know some families whose children grew up going to resorts on Pesach. Now that the parents are gone and they can no longer afford this luxury they try to get invited to others homes for Pesach because they don’t know how to do a proper seder.

    Raboisay, WAKE UP!!!

    It’s not how much money you make or how much of it you can keep. It’s about how much you can uplift another Yid, with money, with a friendly word, even with a smile.

    Have a gitten Shabbos and may we be zoiche to see Moshiach in our time.

  2. of course we are not doing anything & therefore not ready for mashiach due to many reasons among them:

    1)our level of bitachon & emunah is very low Rachmana l’tzlan the only way to arm yourself with protection is to put your life in the hands of Hashem i.e with bitachon & emunah (faith & trust) & then you have no worries of protection for one that seeks out Hashem lacks nothing that is good (tehillim chap. 34)

    May all of Klal yisroel start doing teshuva NOW-before tragedy strikes again C”V-& THEN mashiach will come b’karov

    3)are we going to continue watching anti-semitsm grow even in the free country of the USA & just say its coincidence OR is it a message from Hashem for all of klal yisroel to make aliyah NOW towards the geula & mashiach? BEFORE HASHEM NEEDS TO MAKE THINGS WORSE C”V

    4)these events will continue happening R”L due to the lack of achdus in klal yisroel.
    if mashiach is ever to come, klal yisroel needs to be one together on all levels-frum, frei, reform etc…-when we all show hashem we can act as one jewish nation then mashiach can come. UNTIL THEN Hashem waits & our Matriarch rachel cries everyday…

    5)we have a major problem in today’s society (yidden or not) . & its called FACING REALITY.
    whenever tragedy strikes or there’s a big issue, the person blocks it from his face & convinces himself not to apply the message to him,so that we can just continue our fancy & happy lavish life.

    first WE ALL need to admit to ourselves that i have a issue/problem here, then we need to work on solving it. BUT %80 of solving it, is each person admitting to the problems he has.

  3. @secular why do you have to state the obvious and pretend only the secular ppl like miamanodies are so rational as to think this chaza”l MIGHT not be kipshuto and if we wake up in year 6k with no meesiah our faith has not been shaken even one iota

  4. don’t carry shabos, if you obey the shabos the geulah will come ???? ???? ??? ????? and the ????? acording to the FIRST explanation in the ???? IT MEANS carrying shabos ??? ?????? etc….

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