Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch: Push To Draft Us Into Army is Fueled By Hatred of Torah Life

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The Slabodka rosh yeshiva has voiced concerns regarding the push to conscript chareidim into the military, suggesting that some proponents harbor animosity towards religion. He emphasized the community’s obligation to safeguard Torah study, foreseeing a potential need for significant sacrifice.

Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch made these statements during a gathering at Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. His remarks followed the recent ruling by the High Court of Justice, which mandated the cessation of government funding to chareidi yeshivos for talmidim eligible for IDF enlistment, as the legal basis for deferring their military service is set to expire soon.

This ruling marked a significant escalation in the longstanding dispute over draft exemptions granted to chareidi individuals, many of whom devote their time to Torah study rather than military service. Opponents of these exemptions argue for a more equitable distribution of the defense burden across the populace.

Addressing his yeshiva, Rav Hirsch lamented that the court’s decision effectively nullified their right to engage in Torah study within Eretz Yisroel, at least temporarily. He underscored the likelihood of needing to make sacrifices to preserve Torah learning, though the exact nature of such sacrifices remains uncertain.

“We will need self-sacrifice for the Torah,” he said, adding that “it is impossible to know in exactly what form.”

Rav Hirsch went on to explain that there were two types of people “who are pushing to cancel the matter of Torah with us.”

The first, he said, don’t hate the chareidim or even religion in particular, but rather, as non-believers, they “don’t realize that the Torah is what is saving us” and the country from enemies in the region.

But, Rav Hirsch said, the second type of people don’t care about equality, “they hate religion, they hate Torah” and those who dedicate themselves to its study.

“There is proof” of that “in what happened in recent days but I don’t want to specify here,” he said. “It was only because of hatred. Against us. Hatred of religion. Hatred of the Torah. And hatred of Torah scholars.”

“They want to destroy us and we will need to stand against them. And there will be self-sacrifice. I hope we don’t come to that. But it could very well be that we will come to sacrifice when we need to stand against them. And this is not the time to specify.”

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  1. Israel’s Army is fighting against Hamas and Hezbollah,
    who are the modern-day AMALEK in our times.

    Fighting AMALEK is one of the “Taryag Mitzvot”, meaning
    that it is one of the 613 commandments of THE TORAH.

    And that, my friends, is THE BRUTAL TRUTH!

    • There are some Agagi in them them for sure.. But even if there were none, when a border city is attacked even the WOMEN are supposed to go out and defend ( I suppose in segregated groups of marauding Females. 🙂 ).

      See RAMBAM Hilchot Melachim U/Milchamot 7:4 “By contrast, in a milchemet mitzvah, the entire nation must go out to war, even a groom from his chamber, and a bride from her pavilion.”

      No the IDF is not a 100% Tzava Kodesh…it’s up to the Haredi to demand conditions to make it so, at least for their divisions.

      • JB Achi,

        How do we know he’s not? Dan B’kav Schut.

        I disagree that ALL are from Agag, but it’s clear that they are inciting the masses just like in Europe post WWI. It’s clear Most from Gaza are Yishmael / Mitzri…but just look at how Hamas killed and kidnapped Bedouin Muslims…that was a BIG tip off not all of the Hamas commanders are true Arabi to give such orders.

    • Source in torah for your assertion that they are amalek and the mitzvah לא תחיה כל נשמה applies to them?

    • If you’re such a big talmid chacham tell us
      1) Where in the Torah does it say that Hamas and Hezbollah are Amalek?
      2) Where exactly does the Torah command Jews TODAY to fight (the real) Amalek?
      3) Where does the Torah command Jews to join a secular G-dless army?
      4) Where does the Torah authorize women to join the army?

  2. If the Torah is saving us then should we dissolve the IDF by using same logic?
    Or could it be that shirking one’s part is the real reason.

  3. The only way that Israeli’s army can be successful against its enemies is in the merit of the Torah being learned. Without Torah this country will fall into the abyss.
    And that, my friend, IS THE BRUTAL TRUTH!

    • Moshe.

      That depended on what Hashem Communicated to Moshe. When Fighting Amaleq at Refidim you are correct….but them we Know Moshe took out Melech OG himself at 120 years old…

  4. What I find interesting is some say they want to be Levi and not defend their homes….this is ANTI-Torah, and a slander (Motzi Shem Ra) on my Shebet.

    Don’t like/ want the state? Want to be separate form the Tznus? Fine, demand your own divisions, and accept no less (!). Haredi are currently in a position to demand proper concessions… However there is NO Halachic basis for sitting back while Benai Yisrael are being attacked.

    AND YES Shebet Levi/ Lewi fought…sometimes we fought you other Benai Yisrael who wanted to go back to Egypt, Sometimes we fought those who worshiped the Egel hazahav ( mostly Erev Rav), and we fought By Dovid ( Dawid) Hamelech’s side ( until he was too old an Yoav took over, Shemuel 2 21:18). We had our OWN divisions ( 12 of them) but Levites fought, their is NO doubt of that.

    Many Haredi want to be Like Levites / Shebet Lewi…GREAT! Here is your proof we fought :

    ” From the Levites: four thousand six hundred. 27 Jehoiada the chief officer of the house of Aaron, and with him, three thousand seven hundred. 28 And Zadok, a young man, a mighty warrior of strength, and the house of his father: twenty-two commanders.”
    Divrai Hayomim / Chronicles 1:12

    When a Jewish City is Attacked, that is a Michemet Mitzva. See Talmud Bavli Sota 44A-B, Rambam Hilchot Melachim Umilchamot 7:4. IN fact Torah Scholars are the BEST to fight, as you have much Zchus and will elevate all the Benai Yisrael by bringing many to Teshuva.

  5. the Zionists should be drafting us into the beis medrash as it is our zchusim that are protecting them, the medina is collapsing in front of our eyes but we have the Torah they have nothing but the ways of umos haolam

  6. “more equitable distribution of the defense burden across the populace” then draft Israeli Arabs who get a free ride and no responsibilities! And where is the equitable distribution of Torah study and observance that Hashem obligates for all Jews ?


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