Rav Moshe Sternbuch: Forbidden to Smoke E-Cig without a Hashgacha

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A p’sak was issued before Shabbos by Rav Moshe Sternbuch, raavad of Yerushalayim, who ruled on the need for kashrus supervision on fluids used in electronic cigarettes.

Recently, many smokers have switched from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, which are said to be significantly less dangerous than tobacco smoking.

Inside an e-cigarette is an evaporation fluid that is often produced from glycerin polyethylene glycol, nicotine and flavor compounds at different concentrations.

Poskim long ago ruled that regular cigarettes do not need kashrus supervision because most of the material is not ra-uy la’achilas kelev. Also, inhalation of smoke is defined by halacha as ‘enjoyment’ rather than as ‘eating’. However, in an electronic cigarette, most of the material is suitable for human consumption and is not disqualified from achilas kelev, and the inhalation of the vapors is defined as eating as opposed to smoking.

In his p’sak, obtained by Matzav.com, Rav Sternbiuch writes that e-cigarettes needs to be kosher because the evaporation fluid contains a good taste that turns into steam and its flavor is felt inside the mouth.

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  1. Mishna Berura says one may not smoke any cigarettes on fast days, except for extreme circumstances when it is allowed in private.

    I’ve been saying all along that ecigs are worse because of this issue.

  2. electronic cigarettes, which are said to be significantly less dangerous than tobacco smoking.

    Lots of things are said but just not true

    Aoc says socialism is good. It’s called progressive.

  3. Really and truly, cigarettes are ossur 354 days of the (Jewish) year, because using them violates the halachah of V’nishmartem me’od l’nafshoseichem, yours and all those around you. Get it?

  4. Rabbi moshe heinamen the head of star k in Baltimore was asked by a very close friend of mine about ecig juice and he said all flavors are kosher. Just saying.

  5. Mmm. Lots of comments here non answering or posing the correct solutions or questions.
    1. Smoking cigarettes kills done over finished. There is no room! To move on set fact.
    2. E-cigarettes are as either an alternative or a way to stop smoking are much safer though always better not to smoke at all.
    3. Yes on a fast day inhaling vapor is assur. It is considered consumption.
    However in of it self it is not a food nor can it be consumed.
    If it has nicotine it is deadly to consume.
    4.nicotine is as dangerous as coffee. Same form of addiction. In small does has actually proven to be peneficial.
    5. Cigarettes kill nothing to do with nicotine.
    6. It is an issue that needs to be looked into and not blurted out with no solution.
    Rabbonim need to learn the lesson. Find the solution because all this does is create a mess.

    Dont smoke and for the rest please take the time to learn about things and not give blind opinions.

    • One can garner the Following from your rant;
      1. Rabbonim, [and other Health experts for that matter], cannot render independent decisions negative to [specific] vaping, because you have an argument to sustain vaping [valid or otherwise].

      This argument is absurd.

      2. You probably have some interest in this industry.
      Please come clean.

      • Amchu,

        Thank you for your comment.
        I am totally against smoking in any form.
        I am seen the issue of vaping on a fast day being an issue.

        My primary response is that throwing around the idea that e-liquid requires kashrus without any further details is incorrect and you risk people reverting back to the deathly cigarettes.

        But thank you for your statment

  6. Dear editor. It will be very helpful if you attach the psak. There’s a misconception amongst teenagers that ecigs are safe and I know of several teens who would stop if shown the psak.


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