Rav Ovadiah Yosef Opens Eyes for Full Day, Tefillos Continue as Physicians Cautiously Optimistic

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rav-ovadiah-yosefImprovement in the condition of Maran Rav Ovadia Yosef and growing optimism about the prospects for his recovery are proof of the power of heartfelt tefillah, say those close to the gaon and posek.

Chacham Ovadiah’s doctors are becoming more optimistic about the prospects for recovery given the improvements in his condition.

This morning, Chacham Ovadiah woke up, opened his eyes, and recognized his family and others who were around his bed. This was extremely encouraging, demonstrating that the days he was under anesthesia hadn’t had certain adverse effects on the rav.
Despite this significant improvement and the fact that he kept his eyes open for much of the day, those close to Chacham Ovadiah point out that his condition is still “very serious” and that he still needs rachamei Shomayim.

A hospital source remarked, “When the rav came to us last week, we did not think he would progress from a health standpoint. His condition was very critical.”

There is no doubt, said the hospital officials, that the many prayers of the tzibbur all over the world have led to the improvement of his condition.

Doctors emphasized that Chacham Ovadiah’s body is still somewhat under anesthesia and he has not fully awakened from it.

Earlier this week, tens of thousands gathered at the Kosel to daven for his recovery. Rosh Yeshivat Porat Yosef Rav Shalom Cohen spoke at the rally and said in a voice choked with tears, “We need to know that sometimes Hakadosh Boruch Hu brings us difficulties just to hear our voices. We need to cry out to Hakadosh Boruch Hu.”

He went on to say, “Who knows if Maran is suffering if not due to our sins then because Hakadosh Boruch Hu wants to hear our voice.”

All are asked to continue to supplicate in tefillah for Rav Chaim Ovadia Yosef ben Georgia.

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  1. I think that is his actual name also; Chaim Ovadia Yosef ben Georgia. He took on the last name of Yosef because that is his actual name.

    I would like to remind people that we do not add the tile “rav” or any other title to the name of the person when being mispalel for a choleh R”l. At least I am under that impression.

  2. Yosef is his middle name. Ovadia was his last name (just like his brother’s who recently passed away) and he dropped it using his middle name also as his last name. His children followed him using Josef as their last name.
    In other words, his FIRST NAME is:
    Hrh”g R’ Chaim Ovadia Yosef
    and his LAST NAME is ALSO: Yosef

  3. To #1
    The Rav was born Ovadia Yosef and his surname was Ovadia. To simplify matters he changed his surname to Yosef. So his name is now Rav Chaim Ovadia Yosef Yosef.


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