Video: Rav Schwartz Supports Shalit Exchange Because of “Bari Veshema”

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rav-yisroel-schwartz[Video below.] Rav Yisroel Schwartz, dayan of Kehillas HaYeraim in Yerushalayim, lost his wife in a terrorist attack, during the bus bombing of the Number 2 bus on Rechov Shmuel Hanovi in 2003. Rav Schwartz was recently interviewed and was asked his opinion regarding a possible deal to release terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit’s freedom.

Interestingly, Rav Schwartz, in the video interview, supports releasing terrorists in exchange for Shalit. His main halachic argument is “bari veshema.” We know Shalit is in danger, but we don’t know for sure that the terrorists will do any more damage once released than they already do with these guys in jail. Rav Schwartz says that they don’t care about specific people; they educate their children to hate and kill Jews regardless of whether someone is released or not. So it is doubtful whether anything will change if they are released. Therefore, Rav Schwartz maintains, it is incumbent upon Israel to release terrorists to make the exchange.

Click below to watch the recent interview with Rav Schwartz: 

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{Yair Israel/HT: Rafi G.-Life in Israel}


  1. It is an umdena, a vadai gamur, an anan sahadei, a bai’usa becuchta , a bari keshemesh batzaharayim, did I miss any terms here? that these terrorsits will try to kill as many Jews as they can after their release.

  2. This is not the issue . The issue is the halacha not to redeem captives for more than their worth . So that their is no incentive for the abductors to keeep doing this kind of thing . If Hamas would know that under no circumstances will theu get more than ONE person in a trade ,they will not have such an incentive to keep doing this . There is a reason that kidnappers kidnap the children of millionaires and not poor people .

  3. #2 and #3, you did not understand the Rabbis’ point. He said that The problem according to the gemara is to GIVE THEM an appetite to make more of a baalagan (where it was not there before). In this case they already have the maximum appetite.

  4. its a machlokes between rava whether its bari ubari according 2 sumchas check bava metzia daf beis amud beis check out rav chaim…..

  5. Im sorry to dfisagree . While they hate us and want to kill us and want to maker a balagan , They do not have the maximum incentive to KIDNAP a SOLDIER if they know it will not get them any attention . They reallly want to kill as many as possible rch”l . The only reason why kidnapping even one soldier is so important to them is because of the bargaining chip . This is elementary and known by everybody

  6. They kill or do whatever they can now. There’s another alternative how about getting some of those brave Israeli soldiers and just getting him out if it means so much to them.

    Oh, we can’t do that. It’s much safer to release a few thousand known killers.


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