Ray Kelly: ‘Vindictiveness’ Behind Obama’s 50% Cut in NYC Counterterror Funds

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Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is accusing the Obama administration of slashing the city’s counterterrorism funding 50 percent in retaliation for Sen. Chuck Schumer not backing the White House’s Iran deal, NEWSMAX reports.

“There’s a certain amount vindictiveness on the part of Washington aimed at Sen. Chuck Schumer,” Kelly said Sunday on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York.

“The fact that they cut it 50 percent, I think, was aimed at getting a reaction from Senator Schumer … Apparently they remember very well that Senator Schumer did not support their Iran deal.”

The move would significantly impact on New York’s readiness, the former top cop told host

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  1. Yeh, but the Mayor now is Deblasio, a good friend of Obama, so why would Obama want to hurt DeBlasio? I think Obama just wants to have another terror attack while he’s still President so he can declare martial law and stay in as President for a third term.

  2. If Ray Kelly is correct it means that our President is acting more like a mob boss than as the head of state. Even the administration’s swipe at Senator Schumer is monumental in its levels of pettiness and petulance. And for the record, Schumer was correct on both the Iran deal and the security budget cuts.


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