RCCS Activists Hear From Rabbi Aaron Margalit

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rabbi-aaron-margalitThis past Sunday evening, Rabbi Aaron Margalit, cancer survivor and best-selling author of the Hebrew language book “Es’halech” (recently translated into English, entitled “As Long As I Live”) stunned a crowd of close to 200 RCCS “askanim” with personal stories of how he was able to convince patients facing the most dire of prognoses, to dig deep into themselves, and deliver deeds previously thought impossible.
Rabbi Margalit, a native of Rechovot, Israel, captivated the audience with his powerful words of Chizuk and dedication to life! He wove his words with tales of survival against all odds, with the knowledge that when one holds on to Hashem, every obstacle can be overcome, no matter how impossibly difficult.
The RCCS “askanim” came from Boro Park , Flatbush, Crown Heights, Williamsburg, Monsey, Lakewood, Monroe and many other surrounding communities, to tap into one another’s experiences and successes, and to walk away strengthened end emboldened in their individual missions.
All in attendance were united in their common goal of helping Acheinu Bnei Yisroel who are suffering with the dreaded disease. All the participants were community activists, each in their own capacity, who give of their time and energy to assist RCCS, the exclusive organization that sponsors insurance policies for cancer patients, in helping hundreds of Yidden from around the globe, and their families, in their quest for a cure to their difficult nisyonos.

Although the entire evening’s program was overflowing with inspiration and a feeling of camaraderie, especially the remarks delivered by RCCS’s founder, R’ Hershel Kohn, perhaps the highlight of the evening was the exceptional and sought-after guest speaker, Rabbi Margalit.

This historic and amazing evening of appreciation and inspiration will give these volunteers strength to continue helping RCCS help Klal Yisroel. More importantly, their involvement with RCCS throughout the year makes it possible for RCCS to continuously expand its services and save more lives, B’Ezras Hashem.

As RCCS, here and in Israel, relies upon the support of Klal Yisroel in order to meet its annual budget (currently standing at $5 million and growing), it was most appropriate that the gathering take place on the eve of the RCCS Chinese auction drawing, which will take place this Thursday evening, December 6, 2012, and seen and heard by a live audience thru teleconferencing and the organization’s website (www.rccsauction.org). Organizers of the event say it is not too late to purchase tickets for a chance at winning cash and prizes valued at half a million dollars. Further info: 718.RCC.2002.

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  1. I read his book from cover to cover. Rabbi Margalit had an accident at age 3 that left him mute, then he developed polio and was a quadriplegic for 5 years, then had 3 bouts with 3 different cancers, and today he spends his life giving chizuk to others. He will appear twice on the RCCS Auction webcast Thursday night.

  2. I have never been so inspired and so moved by any publication before. I thank him for sharing his life stories and his raw emotions in this book, and for showing us all that we have the power to overcome all of Life’s challenges, as long as we keep positive, keep connected with Hashem and keep our Emunah and Bitachon strong. May Hashem Bless all of us with Kochos, Yeshuos, and Refuos. May we find Simcha in every moment that we are blessed with.


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